O.W.O. Adieu Pretty City

Chicago.  For the entire month of August.  Quite fantastic.


Museums, art galleries, aquariums, live music…


A gorgeous hotel to call home – here are my banditos watching the Air & Water Show fly by our window!!!!  Jets people, actual jets!



a PHENOMENAL beach one block away,



A LOT of time with very special friends, and the restaurants were RIDICULOUS!  Special thank you to foodandwinehedonist for your expert opinions!!


and now back to being “suburbanly challenged”, #notsoeasyforacitygirl #oy.


9 thoughts on “O.W.O. Adieu Pretty City

    • It was a real treat, and fully appreciated on a daily basis!
      We were a block away from the beach – incredible!!!!
      YES YES YES I did manage to discover a couple of good restaurants that even you would approve of, namely Sepia (WOW WOW WOW), Chez Moi and Topolobambo (sp?).
      Back to reality which does not include eating out 4x per week and 2x daily maid service #ImissbeingEloise!

      • Going back in a few months and will look for Sepia. The Sicilian, who contributes for my blog, just went to Topo and was a little disappointed. We went years ago and loved it. (See, I didn’t even try to spell it)

      • Meh is my Topo review – is rather get delish takeout at xonos and leave the unnecessary attitude for someone else. 😄
        Sepia is the 1st Chicago restaurant to receive a Michelin star, the food is SO deserving of that & the staff redefine the word service! Go go go!

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