O.W.O. DenimSquared

O.W.O. (one weekend outfit) is all about denim.

photo 5

reversecommuter used to steer away from denim on denim for fear of being one acid wash accident away from tragic.  Picture it.  Shudder.

photo 3

Designer’s have upped the denim game, the cuts, the colors, the styles, the textures, the rips and whiskers, all have cured me and now the possibilities are endless.

photo 2

Think about it – overalls, denim jackets, jean shirts, layered, interspersed with accessories to play up the look and deepen the blues’ hues.

photo 1

5 thoughts on “O.W.O. DenimSquared

  1. I love denim on denim ..! Takes me back to college time .. I would usually wear the denim jacket with a turtleneck in winters with denims.. And for summers I would pair a tank top with the jacket .. With denim pants or pencil skirts .. ! I love your take on it 😊

  2. How can you go monochromatic blue and look awesome ? How come you do not look like a flashing bean pole during a rave party (ME) ??? UNFAIR. Those trousers are hot. Something very unusual about them. xo

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