New Year’s Cleanse

No green juices involved, unless you so choose to sip some delish juiced veggies while reading this post.


New Year, New You.  Time to take a break from the parties, the cocktails and all the other parts of the decadent life.   Why not do the same to your wardrobe?


Closet Cleanse 2015!   Pull those pieces that you have not worn in over two years, and put them in a box.  Seal the box with tape, label it with a sharpie and record the date, all the while sniffling back the tears as you say adieu to those overalls, suede pants and fluorescent anythings.  Put the box in the attic / basement / garage / etc, and revisit it in six months.  If you’re closet resembles anything like Cher Horowitz’s (aka Alicia Silverstone in Clueless) then do 3+ boxes!

img-vogueclosetcleaningtips_130923692861 10vogue-600

If you haven’t missed any one piece uncontrollably, as in waking in the middle of the night tear-streaked cheeks from sobbing into the pillow yearning for that mustard yellow pilled sweater, then give that box of previously passionately loved clothes to a charity of your choice.

Incidentally, this is a picture of the closet at Teen Vogue’s office – dare to dream people, dare to dream!


Funny reversecommuter story: my husband had a meeting at The New York Times and accidentally got off on the fashion floor – can you imagine?!?!?!?  He said he realized that if I had been with him he probably would never have seen me again!  LOL & painfully accurate!!!!


Go reward yourself with the purchase of something that has been sitting in your Moda Operandi or net-a-porter wish list.  Maybe something in Pantone’s Color of the Year Marsala? Purging never looked so good!



14 thoughts on “New Year’s Cleanse

    • Not just super fit but super smart too!
      Yes, Pantone selects the color about 18 months in advance with a panel made up of representatives from different countries meeting in Europe.
      The results of the meeting, and the color of the year, are released in advance to subscribers of Pantone View, but for the rest of us the announcement comes the following year.
      This is why I LOVE fashion – it is SO interesting!

    • uh-oh…resist the urge and stay away from that bag!
      Unless it is a piece that you really really love and it mistakenly landed in that bag o’ donations.

      I put the bags outside for charity pickup so as to lessen the urge to dip back into the piles. 🙂

      • Too late. I went back and retrieved a shirt that was mistakenly put in there. It’s a Victoire dress shirt I got in St Barth’s a few years ago. one of the seams started to come apart and I think it’s reparable. Just been too lazy to take it in. I absolutely love it, so it’s definitely worth a shot at repair.

        Figured you’d understand..

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