Beach Day Recipe

A great day at the beach needs a few basic ingredients.

Beach, coverup, swimsuit, flip flops, sunglasses and great weather.

Coverups are all about fun bright colors right now. They are a continuation of the fashion from the runways, not just a tropical print sarong.

Poupette St. Barths offers such a cute intrepretation of the off-the-shoulder dress.  Easy to put on, take off and then put on once again to take you to and from the beach to the bar.

True confession, I wear mine backwards because I really like the pompom tie at the waist, but it’s supposed to be at the back.  Fashion, like art, is all about personal interpretation.  

Pitusa is a new found fave of reversecommuter’s.  Spotted at a beach chic boutique in Miami I was unmediated drawn to the neon happy colors and the pompoms – yup, that is all it takes to draw me in!

Funny that a week later at Miami Swim Week who do I meet Clara Lago, the founder of Pitusa , in a gorgeous neon orange layered coverup from the Spring 2017 Collection.
Pitusa  sources it’s cotton from Peru, “Peru’s woven cottons are the best”, and with clever embellishments such as pompoms and evil eye medallions to add unexpected depth and detail to their gorgeous and fun dresses, tops, pants and jumpsuits, it is no surprise this line keeps growing at a breakneck speed since launching in 2011.

Beach bags are crucial.  Not just to hold your stuff but more importantly to deliver your vibe.

Thanks to a self-proclaimed “snarky bitch” cool girl from NYC (think of a girl you would ❤️ to hang out with), who founded Fallon and Royce, beach bags just got a major facelift!  Her wit and sense of humor is our gain, and the price point was an unexpected surprise in a really good way!

Now the only thing to do is grab a great beach read and some spf!

Miami Memories / part one

Hands down the best part of going to fashion events is the people.

Obviously reversecommuter goes completely gaga for the clothing, the styles, the runways, the music, etc – that absolutely goes without saying!

However it is the stories behind the people that delivers the deepest understanding of the fashion, clothes and inspiration.

Meeting My Berlin Fashion blogger Jasmin Fatchild and bumping into her throughout Miam Swim Week quickly became something to look forward to!  #neuefruende (true story this is the only photo where one of us isn’t squinting from the bright Miami sun!)

Befriending a male model from NYC who had a friend walking a show, sitting front row and listening to him scream his support.  Happily playing as an unexpected gaggle of giggling fast friends post show, fabulous.  #adorableboy

Meeting the charming Italian gentleman who is President of Miami Fashion Event, Massimo Maltese and chatting about fashion, Italian designers and his children.  #mamamiahessmooth 

Spending time with my exotic Lebanese friend and meeting her dynamic creative friend, Valeska Rodriguez of Style Mafia.  #girlpowerboom

Discovering THE most amazing fresh pressed juice and sadly not being able to find it again.  #compassissues

I have a few more Miami Swim Week stories to share…next posting!

xo reversecommuter 

Style Mafia Bella!

Miami Swim Week.  What part of that statement doesn’t deliver excitement? 

A beach lined city of pulsating music, bikini clad models strutting the newest swimwear lines on floating swimming pool runways, Latino energy and fashion, fashion, fashion.  

I may never go home.  Seriously.

One event reversecommuter was lucky enough to attend was Coast’s rooftop party presenting a handpicked lot of designers and their incredible lines.  Designers included Acid NYC, Luxchillas, YannaK and Style Mafia.

Style Mafia is a Miami based line of beautifully designed clothing, incredible craftsmanship and seriously ridiculous-in-the-good-way pricing.  

Ruffles, pinstripes, off-the-shoulder tops, cropped frayed pants, scalloped tanks and tops, flirty crop tops and nautical striped flowing tops in a clever color assortment.

Valeska and Simmonett Perera are the mother/ daughter masterminds behind Style Mafia.  Creating a line that didn’t break the bank yet still delivered trend on fashion was the absolute goal.

No exaggeration, I saw the Maeve top in yellow and thought it was Fendi.  The price on the Maeve top is $69.  

Valeska (on the far left), having just returned from traveling abroad to Lebanon and Columbia, was not exhibiting any jet lag at the party, but rather was warm and friendly towards the crowd of Mafia Style fashionistas!

Redefining the Suburban Mommy Uniform

Sunday’s Boston Globe had a “must read” (literally their words describing the piece on the website)…

Written by reversecommuter.  Click here to read the column!

The quick & dirty summary is that a suburban mom (or an urban one), needs only 6 pieces to form a wardrobe. 

The most exciting part of this article is that more will follow, with my new gig as guest fashion columnist for the Boston Globe.  Pretty psyched!

xo reversecommuter 

Romper Bomper

Heat waves mean getting creative at minimal dressing.  Naked only works in certain circles.

Rompers make it easy to keep cool and look great with clothes on!

What is better than a one piece wonder?  Iro’s georgette playsuit works perfectly well at keeping it cool during the day and then adding a little heat at night with a pair of gladiator sandals and a fun clutch.

Rompers are the equivalent of an adult onesie.  Why should the little ones get all the perks?  James Perse linen playsuit is a perfect example of simplistic pleasure.  And it doesn’t get much better than having it called a “playsuit” – it’s practically a dare to have fun!

For a more budget friendly option Tart’s strapless cotton romper (with a great price of $ 128) represents what just might be the single best piece of clothing you own on a disgustingly sticky hot humid day!

reversecommuter owns Tart’s “textured diamond” print (sadly sold out online) but the gray is absolutely available.  

Summer weather is supposed to be sticky and uncomfortably hot but with rompers the biggest dilemma will be which one will you wear first?

Two Piece Too Good

Bikinis.  The two piece wonder of swimsuits.

Simple in design, complicated in embracing.  Too many women give up the bikini after having children.  Too many women give up the bikini after a certain age.  “Pshaw” I say!  Go get yourself a bikini, own it with your sassy self and add an extra minute to your morning plank as bikini incentive!

Swimwear designers are people too, predominantly the female kind.  Shan, one of reversecommuter’s faves is founded and run by Chantal Levesque.  Click here to see previous posts!

Her designs are flattering, the vibrant prints and colors more enticing than a brand new box of crayolas, and Shan provides numerous options for both bikini tops and bottoms.

Triangles, over the should support, pads, high waist, full butt coverage, medium butt coverage, etc.  Chantal understands the Shan customer, and what a  Shan bikini needs to deliver in both cut and style.

MarysiaSwim is a new found love of reversecommuter’s.  Maria Dobrzanska Reeves founded MarysiaSwim based on a love of both surfing and style.  

Her trademark scalloped edge bikinis offer a sleek new take on the bikini.  Brilliant colors, hypnotizingly sexy prints and limited collections make purchasing MarysiaSwim pieces an absolute hobby! 

The Mott bikini is everything.

Décolleté over-exposure is so over.  Cover up your über sensitive skin with this design, and still look beyond fabulous!

The MarysiaSwim bandeau is magical.  Clearly when a swimsuit line is designed by an active mom with exceptional style and taste, the bandeau stays up even when you jump in to save your iPhone, which of course your child wanted to see if it could swim.  It can’t by the way.

Too Legit

It’s here!  Today! Now!  Legit Activewear has launched its website!  

That means no matter where you are, what you are doing or what time it is, you can click & buy THE most delicious leggings, tops, t-shirts, track pants, sweatshirts from top designers such as Varley, Lurv, Spiritual Gangster, Lily Bod  and get it delivered to you easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

It’s no secret that reversecommuter is a fan of Legit – just Click here for a trip down memory lane…  

Now Legit Activewear is upping their game so our workout wear will always be on point no matter where we are! Use this code to get 10% off you first order “LEGITLAUNCH2016”.

There’s no looking back now baby!

PS there is even a workout section on the website – where clearly I’ll be honing in on tricep excerciese!