Miami Memories / part one

Hands down the best part of going to fashion events is the people.

Obviously reversecommuter goes completely gaga for the clothing, the styles, the runways, the music, etc – that absolutely goes without saying!

However it is the stories behind the people that delivers the deepest understanding of the fashion, clothes and inspiration.

Meeting My Berlin Fashion blogger Jasmin Fatchild and bumping into her throughout Miam Swim Week quickly became something to look forward to!  #neuefruende (true story this is the only photo where one of us isn’t squinting from the bright Miami sun!)

Befriending a male model from NYC who had a friend walking a show, sitting front row and listening to him scream his support.  Happily playing as an unexpected gaggle of giggling fast friends post show, fabulous.  #adorableboy

Meeting the charming Italian gentleman who is President of Miami Fashion Event, Massimo Maltese and chatting about fashion, Italian designers and his children.  #mamamiahessmooth 

Spending time with my exotic Lebanese friend and meeting her dynamic creative friend, Valeska Rodriguez of Style Mafia.  #girlpowerboom

Discovering THE most amazing fresh pressed juice and sadly not being able to find it again.  #compassissues

I have a few more Miami Swim Week stories to share…next posting!

xo reversecommuter 

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