Keep On Trucking!

Maybe it is because of the serious case of Beach Brain reversecommuter is currently enjoying.


Maybe it’s because of the seriously bad case of Beach Wave Messiness currently located on the top of my head.  YEESH!



FYI this Quicksilver hat has fringe – I mean REALLY??!?!?  HOW exactly did I live without this?  Truth be told my son bought this in a surf shop…and mama took it over pronto!

Maybe it is just because reversecommuter LOVES a good hat.  Really, reversecommuter loves any fashion item that compliments and makes life easy.  Easy as in throw it on and go!  This ROXY number is super duper cute and has a drop down hot pink mesh visor.



When was the last time you spent $30 or less and scored a happy addition to the wardrobe and protecting your skin from the sun?  Truck On!

French Cuff Fixation

reversecommuter LOVES french cuff shirts…probably because they demand accessorizing!  click the picture to purchase 


While in NYC last week (click here for more on that) a little trip to Bergdorf’s was in order…shockingly on the East Side of 5th Avenue – to the men’s Bergdorf!


How amazing are these 18K gold hand crafted cigar box replica cufflinks?  Complete with opening and closing mechanisms, a box of 18K gold cigars and the end of the cufflink in the shape of an actual stogie?  To be precise, they are $160,000 amazing!!!!  Click here to speak to the nice salesperson at Bergdorf…


These octopus cufflinks by Jan Leslie are a tad more reasonable at $395, and come in a rainbow of colors, click here to choose a pair!


Alexander McQueen rocks out skull cufflinks like no other – my husband’s collection proves that!  click here for Mr. Porter

There is a great blogger over at DeDivahDeals (click here to take a looksie) who requested some present selections for the dudes – hope this helps!

Caps For Sale – Monkeys Not Included!

This posting comes via special request!

Summer is coming, and as intoxicating as a good tan glow is, it is horrible for our skin!  😦

To combat UV rays in a fashionable manner, add a fabulous chapeau!

Here are a few ideas:

J. Crew delivers this dandy at a mere $ 38.00, so when it gets smushed in your beach bag, there are no tears.

Jessica Simpson Collection (for real) offers the uber floppy for a lovely $ 38.00, just in time for the Triple Crown!

Eugenia Kim, oh how I heart your hats Eugenia, offers an awesome fedora for $295.00 at Net-a-Porter.  Better to keep this one out of smushy places!

My personal summer standby, cowboy raffia.  It goes perfectly with sun dresses, cut-offs and bikinis!