Notso Bad Burbs

It is no secret that reversecommuter moved to the burbs, well, a little under duress.
As my husband says (a little too often), I moved here kicking and screaming, and five years later I’m now just screaming (isn’t he funny?).


Unstructured, sunny summer days that define themselves make the move make sense.


Now if only I could walk to a Starbucks…


or get my daughter to stop playing paparazzi!


After a few dedicated hours shopping on Saturday, (thanks for coming with me awesome, handsome husband), the cut off shorts dilemma has been solved!  PHEW!

I tried on a bunch of different pairs (Seven for All Mankind, AG, etc…) and the winner was…..

Rag and Bone.  The Mila Short was the one I bought, and it was exactly what I was looking for – washed out denim and a relaxed cut.  Sort of sits on the hip, very comfortable and easy to match with a plain white t-shirt.   Great Summer Uniform!


Cut-offs can be particularly challenging…although Daisy Duke rocked them best, there is  really no need for me to go too short!  A rear-view review was key in the change room!


20120520-212349.jpgWhy the title “GREEDY”  you ask?

Because I also bought a white pair of AGs, because I couldn’t leave Scoop NYC empty handed!