Chapka Chic

Boston has survived Juno and is now a veritable winter wonderland. IMG_6672 So now the obvious problem is how to look good while keeping the ears warm! (once that is solved the bags under my eyes will be tackled…) IMG_6673 Chapkas, otherwise known as Trapper Hats seem to be all over the place.  Eternally gorgeous Elle Macpherson chose the Chapka in Aspen. article-2526809-1A364C1100000578-811_634x900 The price range is anywhere from under $100 all the way up to north of $1000, depending on what it is made of.


Pologeorgis Coyote Fur Hat @ Bergdorf’s

Fur or faux, fox, rabbit or synthetic, this is the style to beat the brrrrrrs!


Canada Goose Mr. Porter

Obviously Bryan Boy’s brilliant orange Trapper Hat had to be included, mainly because it’s his!


Bryan Boy for Adrienne Landau Trapper Hat @ Kirna Zabete

The faux fur options are just as plentiful with a simple google search!


Imposter Faux Fur Hat @ Barney’s

Click the pics to go get a little online retail therapy – very therapeutic after numerous snow days!

Role Super-Model

Lauren Hutton is on the cover of June/July’s Town & Country. It is a picture taken on location in Mexico,1968. A gorgeous, timeless picture.


Obviously she has aged since then, but she still looks the same.


reversecommuter had the pleasure of being on the same tiny little island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as Lauren Hutton, and she is one cool chic – rode her motorcycle down to a hidden beach and hung out with a local who makes baskets out of the yacht garbage that washes up from the ocean such as ropes, bags etc. Obviously I bought a basket too! (yup, that’s sponge lining the bottom).


Anyway…great article (click here to read more). Lauren Hutton is writing the book on how to grow older gracefully…sometimes while riding a motorcycle!