Olive You Man!

As in “I Love You Man”, as in “I Love You Rick Owens, and your olive and earth tone clothes!”


California dude relocated to Italy and built an incredibly sexy line of arguably the most sensual body hugging clothing.


Look at this top – seriously, how could you not want to completely envelope yourself in this?


Rick Owens single handedly redefined the biker jacket.  reversecommuter is lucky enough to own a brown leather one…


but clearly the suede version is quite delicious and perhaps needs to find it’s way to my closet.


Not to mention those crazygood wedge boots that are oh-so-obsession-worthy (trust me on this, two years in and still absolutely on my mind as fall 2015 potential ankle wedges…)


The Rick Owen creation is limitless in life span and (here comes the fabulous part…) a Rick Owens piece is an easy peasy addition that makes an outfit.  Gorgeous clothing that doesn’t need directions.  What. Is. Better. Than. That.?  Nada.


Ankle Boot Love

Ankle Boots.  The only positive I am focusing on as the temperature gets cooler.


My Chloe Susana Boots are my absolute faves (purchased last year and still completely in love with).  Click the picture to go to net-a-porter to buy.


But Fiorentini & Baker offer a gorgeous suede option, with a gentler price tag.  Click the picture to go to net-a-porter.


Okay, so maybe there are more reasons to smile after all…while wearing more layers!   🙂

Not Slacks Nor Trousers


Thems’ is fighting words!

Leggings love boots, ankle boots, and ballet flats, long blouses, sweaters, tunics and jackets.

Don’t be afraid of them, embrace them…just remember they are not pants, so cover up the cheeks!

Mui Mui blouse, Susana Monaco leggings, YSL bag, Lanvin ballet flats.

p.s. Thank you all SO very much for your concern during Hurricane Sandy.  Happy to report my family and I are safe & sound & slightly addicted to room service at a hotel while awaiting power to be restored to our home.

xo reversecommuter

You Must be This Tall To Ride


Phew, I made it!

Sundress by James Perse, (click here to go play in the land of all things James Perse – one of my faves!!), flops from Haviana and sunnies by Chanel.

Luckily there is no height minimum on either of these AMAZING booties!  Good news if you happen to be in the market for a new pair of fab fall ankle boots!

First up is Costume National’s Ziggy ankle zip boot in suede (click here to go right to Bloomie’s & buy them)

Alexander Wang’s Anouk Boot is BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!  I mean really…did you look at that heel?!?! (click here to visit Opening Ceremony to purchase said fabulousness)


Love the boot look in the summer, especially when one purchase can stretch all the way into November!

(as always, please just click right on the blue highlighted wording to buy the item!)

Linen Leather combo…uh, hello brilliance, please slide on.

Cream leather ankle biker, yes you do look delightful under a tank dress (and then later on with jeans).

Obviously these brown ankle booties are begging for a whole bunch of months to be worn!  Now with white jeans, later with a sweater and some jean cut-offs….purrrrrrrrrrr.