Fashion & Finance Friday!

I will not comment about the weather.

I will not comment about the weather.

I will not comment about the weather.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winter demands creativity.  Activities of the indoor persuasion become highly desirable.  Feeling culturally fancy in a fashion history kind of way?  GREAT!  There are four bastions of fashion that are currently on exhibit in museums around the world.

Lanvin, specifically the grande dame herself, Jeanne Lanvin, who founded the fashion house in 1889, is being feted in Paris at the Palais Galleria until August 23rd.

Lanvin at the Palais Galliera

Alber Elbez refused to submit any of his Lanvin designs for the exhibit so as to emphasize the simplistic beauty of fashion design being that of a seamstress and her hands, and it also displays the continuum of the style of Lanvin that Alber delivers.


Ralph Pucci is sharing some of his mannequins in NYC the end of March.  Specifically in an exhibit at The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD).


Pucci the designer was initially a mannequin sculptor, creating some of the most beautiful, curvaceous, ethnic and socially representative mannequins from the 1970’s through to today. His mannequins have been dressed by DVF, Anna Sui and many others.


Speaking of the 70’s, The Fashion Institute of Technology’s Museum in NYC, is hosting an exhibit showcasing Yves Saint Laurent and Haltson’s work that defined the sexy groovy vibe of 70’s fashion.


Think Studio 54 fashion, some of them donated by Tina Chow, Lauren Bacall and Paloma Picasso – imagine diving into those closets!!!!


The clothing is iconic and timeless yet at the same time clearly represents the 70’s, which is an absolute testimony and tribute to their talents.


So grab the kiddos, dress up so you don’t feel like a schlep in a puffer coat and hit the museums.  Gain a little culture and enjoy a celebratory glass of champs on your new found grey matter!

Don’t let the weather interrupt your fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!!!

xo reversecommuter

Anchor’s Away!

A good shirt is truly a wardrobe’s anchor.  It works stand alone, under a blazer, piled under gobs of chains or with a fab scarf twisted about it.  It can be worn throughout the year, under sweaters, on top of cut-offs, dressing up the holiest of ripped jeans, even covering up a bikini!  How versatile is that?  Sounds like a stellar purchase to me!

Lanvin’s white silk blouse is too much for words!  Just click here and buy it – it is worth skipping those lattes at the corner shop for a week or so….

Or if that latte is just too darn important (and perhaps a big price tag is not what works for you right now) how about a little cutie pattootie from J. Crew?  Just click here and charge it!

Acne of course knocks it out of the park with this luscious purple sheer crepe number that will most probably end up in reversecommuter’s closet – yummy!  Click here to buy it (just leave me one please!).

Anna Sui’s sweet ruffles in that amazing raspberry is too much!  And by that I mean YES PLEASE!!!!  Click here to make a smart purchase!

All these phenomenal shirts and images are courtesy of Net-A-Porter.  If you haven’t ordered something off the site yet, do it!  You deserve not only the gorgeous piece that arrives but also the sheer excitement of untying the black ribbon and lifting off the rich box lid…it is like a private birthday party every time!  PURRRRRRRRRR.