Fashion & Finance Friday!

Springtime Weekends – potential patio openings, tulips a plenty & gorgeous outfits come out from beneath big winter coats!


Coachella isn’t just about music, fashion is coming to the dessert in a BIG way!  CFDA will be present for the first time, and reverse commuter favorite designer Jonathan Simkhai (also a member of the CFDA) will be playing int he dessert too.  H&M, PopSugar and Trina Turk will also be at the festival.


Coachella, which started in 1999, has evolved into a fashion statement as much as a music festival, so it really does make perfect sense for the fashion world to start paying attention! Click here to see what a Coachella Mama wears!


Today is the first day to pre-order your Apple Watch.  But it is backordered 4-6 weeks.

Apple Watch various styles & price points

Apple Watch
various styles & price points

Good news is that the prices range from $349 to $10000, thus fitting every budget and with the backorder you have enough time to properly deliberate which style is right for you!


Net-a-porter and Chanel have teamed up for the very first time to launch Coco Crush, a collection of fine jewelry that will be available online at for a three week period.  Click here to sign up for shopping, and mark your calendars for April 15th.

Speaking of Chanel – and what prettier, quiltier, chain-strapped topic is there?  Chanel shoppers in China are very pleased with the price adjustments Chanel made on April 8th.  Click here to read more about this from an earlier post.


A 20% price drop is WAY significant and it might just seem like Chanel is having a sale in Shanghai today!

Enjoy the weekend – go get a pedicure and wear those fabulous strappy shoes (that have been buried in the back of the closet all winter), while sipping champs on a patio!

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Happy Holidays!
Apologies for the late in the day posting, but reversecommuter is on vacation in the Great White North (Cananda) visiting friends & relatives.  Kinda cold and snowy here but SO FUN!!!!!!!!

Apple’s App Store reported an 87% increase from 2011 on Christmas Day app downloads – Santa’s sack must have been loaded down with iPads & iPhones!


Christmas came early to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation! Mark Zuckerberg donated $500 MILLION to the organization, which then directs the funds to preselected charities.


Champs (a subject near and dear to reverse commuter, click the blue to see previous posts proving this!) and particularly seasonal with New Year’s right around the corner is suffering a slump in sales, especially in France. The French champagne sales are down 4.7% this year, but worry not fabulous blog readers, prosecco sales are on the rise across the EU as the economic woes influence purchases. Meanwhile back in the USA champs sales are up – and please note that is not completely my work!


Happy New Year – hope your outfit to fete in 2013 is fashionable and outstanding!

xo reverse commuter

Financial & Fashion Focused Friday

Happy Friday!
Here are some Fast Financial Fashion facts (gotta love a little Friday alliteration!!):
* Lululemon has hit the $1 Billion revenue mark – yup, ONE BILLION!
* Hermes reported a corporate record 41% increase in sales this year – hope they didn’t sell all of their bags, I still dream of owning a navy blue with silver hardware.
National Unplugging Day starts today at sundown, so it is appropriate that I have an appointment at the Apple store today to attempt to get my 4 Apple products to talk to each other.  I have 4 calendars, 4 storage back ups, 4 photo libraries, etc and it is driving me bananas!  Something tells me at the end of the appointment I will happily embrace National Unplugging Day!
Outfit:  James Perse dress
Burberry Leather Jacket (no longer available but here is “similar-ish”)
Chanel Flats
* not available online but always available at Chanel boutiques, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, etc.

Beach Babies & their gear!

Long gone are the carefree days of carrying a cute little carry-all to the beach, like the one from Pucci in the second pic, rather it is now a workout similar to bootcamp to get everyone and everything to the beach.


The good news is that beach days are WAY more fun with little people giggling, splashing and playing, while the adults attempt to remain somewhat fashion conscious in their swimwear, sunglasses and the tunes blaring from their iPhone/Jawbone combo.