Ding Dong Bell Bottoms

Bell Bottom denim is THE investment for Fall 2015.

Add a little secret height with a great pair of boots or clogs if you think Bell Bottoms are only for the tall types.  Isabel Marant Etoile Crisi boots even hide the heel for you shy ones ūüôā


Stella McCartney naturally has THE best bells around.  Must be the Beatle association that helped her create the most flattering 70’s cut available!


Level 99 has long been a brand reversecommuter has loved – I even tried to convince them to design a maternity jean for my boutique in another life!  Anywho‚ĶLevel 99’s Evelyn Gaucho is beyond adorable and could be the funnest piece of fall denim available! Picture them with adidas Stan’s or strappy sandals or ankle boots and a simple t-shirt.


MOTHER Denim’s high waisted cruiser is in a wash MOTHER calls ‘bushwhacked’ and that is just what you will be if you don’t invest in a pair of these!

Wondering what to do with your distressed jeans…


Fashion & Finance Friday!

First day of Spring and it falls on a Friday!  WHOOOP!!!!!!!!!!  

(reversecommuter will not even comment on the fact that it will snow here in Boston later this evening…)

Cavalli trumps Pucci Рit is ON in Italy!  Roberto Cavalli announced this week that Peter Dundas will return to the casa de Cavalli after a hiatus from the house of animal-print-body-hugging-plunging-cleavage designs, where he worked between 2002 through 2005.


Dundas was the creative director of Pucci from 2008 through to this February’s Milan Fashion Week.


Pucci moved quickly to report that MSGM’s Massimo Giorgetti will be Dundas’ replacement.


“Dramma” – that is drama in Italiano!


“Pavement Cracker” Kanye has done it yet again, and Choupette is pissed! ¬†Kanye West X Adidas out clicked Chanel and any other collection during the fashion weeks, the closest second was Chanel by 1 MILLION!!!!!!!!


Naturally the Yezzy Boosts are all sold out.


Should be interesting to see what happens to the rest of the ahem‚Ķcollection. ¬†If you cannot fight the urge to purchase, Barney’s just announced they will be carrying all the yeeziness!


Put that black turtleneck in the very back of your closet, pull out the brilliantly bright stilettos and celebrate the end of winter with a click of your heels and a clink of your champagne flute!

xo reversecommuter

Winter Vacation‚Ķin a bottle!

January is the month that begs for continuous orbitz searches for beach getaways.


A much more cost effective and immediate fix has arrived!


Maison Martin Margiela’s ever developing line of fragrances, Replica, is a “reproduction of familiar scents and moments”. ¬†Replica offers scents such as Tea Escape, At the Barber and reversecommuter’s favorite, Beach Walk.

It’s this good!


Never been much of a leaf peeper.

photo 3

Grew up in the tropics.

photo 1

More of a palm tree gawker but even I need to recognize how beautiful fall foliage is!

photo 2

Blazers & Blossoms

Spring brings blossoms and blazers.


There is nothing in the world like a good blazer.  It compliments any outfit and hides a multitude of sins!


It is the perfect piece to add to jeans and a t-shirt.  It is the perfect date night piece to wear over a slinky-spaghetti-strapped-this-date-is-promising kind of top.  It is the perfect piece to wear when traveling (not too hot/not too cold).


Classic navy and black basic blazers have some fun company this season.  Brilliant pinks, stripes, florals and metallics.  Click on the pics to go directly to the source!

J Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Pink Linen $129 on sale!

J Crew
Schoolboy Blazer in Pink Linen $129 on sale!

Each X Other Striped Blazer net-a-porter $805

Each X Other Striped Blazer
net-a-porter $805


MSGM Floral Blazer KirnaZabete $761

MSGM Floral Blazer

Oh Lanvin how I am so ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with this blazer!!!!!

Lanvin Fitted Metallic Lame Blazer Kirna Zabete $3490

Lanvin Fitted Metallic Lame Blazer
Kirna Zabete

Slam Dunk

Perseverance, it always pays off.


Especially when the subject is shoes.


Remember the mild obsession I had for the Celine leather bootie espadrilles? Click here to read about how I called all 3 Celine boutiques in the US, Barney’s New York and Bergdorf Goodman in my attempt to find them – all to no avail!


Imagine the ABSOLUTE glee when I stumbled upon this pair at Barney’s in Boston, which they were unpacking from Paris!!!!!!


Fashion & Finance Friday!

Well Hello There End of The Week!

Sales are a plenty this time of year Рroam any of your favorite online retailers and find a plethora of deals!  Mr. Porter is up to 80% off, as is Barneys.  (click the blue to go shop up a storm!).


Boston readers should take a little time to go to Louis Boston, their 40% off sale started this am!  Gretta Luxe is also celebrating the end of the season with 50% off their winter collection.  (click the blue for the websites).

Louis Boston, Seaport

Retail expectations are slowing and the number estimates are coming down – quickly! Tiffany’s, Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s, have all announced a slight rejigging of their numbers. ¬†Economists that follow the sector (dream job for reversecommuter!!!) think that 2013 will be a year of modest spending but upward nonetheless.

Hope you all have a RIDICULOUSLY FUN & FASHIONABLE weekend!

xo reversecommuter


Here Kitty Kitty

IKAT is way cool.

(photo courtesy of Schumacher – fab house of fabrics)

Seriously cool.

Cool as in Thakoon IKAT jumpsuit (found here at Barneys)

Cool. Cool. HellaCool.

Cool as in Theysken’s Theory IKAT silk maxi dress (found here at net-a-porter.com)

Not many fabric patterns can ease past the seasonal barriers that limit most.  Think leather, skins, wool.


Case and point, here I am in early August lounging by the pool in a maxi a la IKAT, and yet it is on the menu for fall fashion from numerous designers.



hellacool, Cat.



reversecommuter went to NYC for a quick 35 hour trip – just her camera, her husband and her American Express card!

This is the first posting about the trip and is dedicated to blind luck – as in the kind that stumbles onto NYC sample sales (on the weekend, which almost never happens!!).

While walking through Chelsea Market on Sunday after a phenom brunch at Pastis (cannot  go to NYC and not hit Pastis at some point Рinterestingly learnt on this trip that Pastis is open for Supper, which by Pastis definition is midnight to 2am!!!), a wondrous discovery was made.

Imagine the sound of the squeal when walking by a glass storefront stenciled with “Rag & Bone Sample Sale” complete with a makeshift sign taped on stating “additional 20% off Sunday”. ¬†OHEMGEEEEEEE!

Needless to say reversecommuter did not waste a gift like that! ¬†Voila, my new dress…(my handsome husband picked up a pair of jeans – always a great thing when he goes for the “fancy designer jeans” and walks past The Gap!!!)

Soiffer and Haskin was kind enough to send reversecommuter an email Saturday afternoon trumpeting the SUNDAY opening of the Frette sample sale.  Bonjiorno luxury Italian KABILLION-count cotton bedding!!!!

Consider this a gift from me (trust me, just sign up, their sales are that good!!!)  Soiffer Haskin just hosted an Yves Saint Laurent sale and their salespeople were telling me about the 4 hour line up!


As much fun as the sample sales were, NYC retailers were also on sale for the most part – ¬†unplanned but a recognized bonus nonetheless. ¬†Bergdorf Goodman started their sale Saturday morning with a decent 30% discount, Barney’s is settled into their sale at a lovely up to 60% off right now, and a lot of independent designers have initiated their sales as well. ¬†Keep in mind that this translates well on the prospective websites too!

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Hellllloooooooo Friday!

Facebook has it’s day in finance today – it’s IPO (initial public offering aka it’s stock is listed and goes live today) is rumored to potentially raise $16.4 BILLIO . ¬†Maybe Mark Zuckerberg will buy himself a new hoodie and a pair of jeans to celebrate…that dude needs a personal shopper…just saying’.

Barney’s New York is going to relaunch their website on Monday – totally renovated and apparently easier e-commerce capabilities (I can honestly say I have never had any shopping problems on that site!).

Chanel held it’s Cruise 2013 fashion show at the Palais de Versailles this past Monday – BEYOND DIVINE!!!!! ¬†Karl Lagerfeld is a frickin’ genius, or as a more eloquent individual dubbed him, “The Sun King”. Long Live the Sun King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mental note – wedge sneakers are here to stay (Isabel Marant, you were so ahead of the pack launching them this Spring!).