Basket Case

Summer is literally around the corner!

Basket bags are the most fun accessory of the season and make every single activity drop with summer fun vibes.

Market shopping with children in tow?  Basket Backpack to go please!

Dinner date with your hunka hunka burning love?  Class it up with a leather Lindthrop market basket bag, and order yourself a glass of rosè!

No budget?  No problem, there is definitely a basket for you, lucky ducky!  Prada delivers a pillbox version begging to be taken out for lunch with the ladies.

My current fave is the Mark Cross market basket bag.  Purrrrrrrrrrrđź’•

Fret not limited purchasing power petal, how about a cool $29.00 investment to get you through the summer basket bag trend?  Add a silk scarf around the handle et voila, fabulousness!  

Role Super-Model

Lauren Hutton is on the cover of June/July’s Town & Country. It is a picture taken on location in Mexico,1968. A gorgeous, timeless picture.


Obviously she has aged since then, but she still looks the same.


reversecommuter had the pleasure of being on the same tiny little island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as Lauren Hutton, and she is one cool chic – rode her motorcycle down to a hidden beach and hung out with a local who makes baskets out of the yacht garbage that washes up from the ocean such as ropes, bags etc. Obviously I bought a basket too! (yup, that’s sponge lining the bottom).


Anyway…great article (click here to read more). Lauren Hutton is writing the book on how to grow older gracefully…sometimes while riding a motorcycle!