Happen Stance

It just happened.
Walking around Soho on a sunny afternoon, a window display teetering on an artistic exhibit caught my eye.

Imagine my surprise when I realized it was a sock store.  Just socks.  In the entire store, socks.

Not just the plain daily white tube sock variety mind you.

Stance socks are so much more than socks.  Stance socks rock.

As in designed by Rihanna socks that rock.

As in Star Wars characters’ socks that rock.

As in Stance brand ambassadors waaaaaay cooler than mere mortals will ever be.

Go ahead, click the link and take your own Stance!

The Thigh’s The Limit

Football season is officially over.  The Taco Bell seniors commercial was brilliant (click here to watch!!) and Beyonce proved she can dance like nobody’s business (loved the hair flicking and leather bustier!).


Leather Thigh High Boots and Basketball – that is where it is at now!


Thigh High Boots are fab for many reasons – adds a phenomenal touch to the everyday jeans outfit, cankles be gone, & extends the life of both skinny jeans and leggings.


Rock the thigh highs, sharpen up the trash talk (just in case the game is a little rusty because those 8 year olds are unforgiving)…


you know where this is going, don’t you?!?!?!…


SWISH – Nothin’ but net!

Fiorintini & Baker boots, Chanel jacket, Neiman Marcus sweater, Gucci scarf, MOTHER jeans.