O.W.O. An Ode to Raf

One Weekend Outfit (O.W.O.) this week is reversecommuter’s personal shootout to Raf Simmons and his deliriously exquisite presentation of Dior’s Spring 2015 Collection during Paris Fashion Week.


Namely the inclusion of the classic black Bermuda short.

photo 1

Go buy a pair now.  Wear them with long coats, blazers, vests, sleeveless jackets, etc.  This is an example of a classic piece that should be in your wardrobe.


Just please do yourself a fashion favor and purchase the Bermuda shorts.  Knee socks not mandatory.

photo 2

Pink Sand Pants

Bermuda shorts.

pants2 pnats1 How this trend first evolved for men, with knee socks, in Bermuda is a little bit beyond me.  A place famous for tropical weather and pink sand somehow spits out men dressed as little boys?  File under weirdness.


But a blue satin pair pour moi?  Fabulous.


Or a laser cut black pair to wear under a fantastic perfectly cut blazer with strappy sandals?  Indeed!



And what says Trop-i-Cal more than a floral pair of Bermudas?  Nada.


* just click the pics to go get your retail therapy prescription filled!*

Breaking up the Black

Ever get dressed head to toe in Black and feel like an Italian grandmother in mourning (no disrespect)?

Black is everyone’s favorite basic. The trick is to add a piece that pops to break up the monochrome.


Queu Ranjana Khan, creator of beautiful embroidered bejeweled necklaces. Click here to read more about a love affair between reversecommuter & Ranjana Khan’s pieces.


Just tie one on and off you go, breaking up the black beautifully!

Chaiken Bermuda shorts, Alexander Wang leather t-shirt, Louboutain shoes, Ranjana Khan necklace.


A little yard work…

Living in the burbs means yard work


Sadly, reversecommuter is no longer safely surrounded by a concrete jungle


Need to tend to the natural elements (obviously it takes a while for some to acclimatize!)


Luckily the mini tuck still reigns supreme (click the blue for a refresher)

Chaiken Bermuda shorts, Marc by Marc Jacobs top, Hermes belt, Louboutin black pumps, Chanel sunglasses.

Tuscan Sunglasses

Forget Indian Summer – from now on reversecommuter is requesting Tuscan November.

AKA shorts weather!

Bermuda Shorts but still, in November? Fabulouso!

Chaiken bermuda shorts, Miu Miu belt, DVF white shirt, Tom Ford Sunglasses, Zara smoking slippers, YSL bag.