Girl from IPPOLITA!

Actually I met THE girl from IPPOLITA –  IPPOLITA Rostagna, not the girl from IMPENEMA.  But it makes for a fun title and is SUCH a great song so what the heck!  🙂


IPPOLITA is a gorgeously talented creature who delivers one of the best gold, silver and gemstone jewelry lines available.  reversecommuter had the pleasure of meeting her in person at Bloomies.


reversecommuter always assumed IPPOLITA was out of Italy.  IPPOLITA‘s head office is actually in New York City (where IPPOLITA now has a free standing boutique too!), but factually I was bang on – IPPOLITA Rostagno (founder, designer and namesake) is from Firenze!  Now back to the gorgeous sparkly bits…


reversecommuter has rarely met a sparkly bit she doesn’t like!


No exception this time either – I am all about finding the perfect pinky ring this Spring (rhymes!) and I think I have shortlisted 2 serious contenders:



Truth be told, this is my fave, and IPPOLITA agreed!



IPPOLITA, next trip to NYC I am coming by to buy!  Grazie Bella!


You Must be This Tall To Ride

Phew, I made it!

Sundress by James Perse, (click here to go play in the land of all things James Perse – one of my faves!!), flops from Haviana and sunnies by Chanel.

Luckily there is no height minimum on either of these AMAZING booties!  Good news if you happen to be in the market for a new pair of fab fall ankle boots!

First up is Costume National’s Ziggy ankle zip boot in suede (click here to go right to Bloomie’s & buy them)

Alexander Wang’s Anouk Boot is BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!  I mean really…did you look at that heel?!?! (click here to visit Opening Ceremony to purchase said fabulousness)

It’s All in the Bag

Pre-children and occasionally on date nights I carry a cute, teeny tiny clutch. Most of the time however, I am risking spinal injury with a ridiculously large, heavy bag which holds an even more ridiculous amount of cr*p!
Might as well make it a cute big bag, not that the amount of “stuff” is going to change.


Imagine the level of happiness on the richter scale when I stumbled onto a new handbag designer, who delivers gorgeousness without the price being scary. orYany is the name, delivering scrumpdiliciousness in a handbag is his game!
I bought mine at ScoopNYC but have also seen the collection at Bloomingdales, and of course on the web.

or Yany is quite the genius in design, look at all the pockets on the outside, and compartments, openings and zippers on the inside. This bag is a busy woman’s BFF!


So I’ve loaded up my or Yany bag, am heading out to the gym (another perk of the big bag is it’s multi-purpose capability), rocking my Essie nails and ready to take on the day!



Jumping Jack Flash!

Jumpsuits are hitting the runways hard!  I am psyched – I love me a good jumpsuit!

I bought this one at Bloomingdale’s in Soho, it is just their line “Aqua” – translation, v teeny weeny price tag!  Only draw back is that you feel so comfy you think you are in jammies all day!

Here are a couple of my current faves:

Cannot wait to see what the designers have planned for the fall!

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Cotton Conundrum

I want a new pair of jeans…actually I really want these

Alas, I am on the waiting list in NYC but have a craving for immediate gratification so I went to Bloomingdales and these were my choices:

The breakdown:
True Religion Blue & White “Stella” tie dye @ $216.00 Legs were cut too skinny
AG Luscious Sateen in Coral tie dye @ $178.00 THE GLASS SLIPPER OF THE DAY!!!
J Brand Cropped White @ $ 180.00 Best to wait for a complimenting tan
J Brand Twill Skinny in Twisted Plum @ $ 198.00 Too Stretchy
Rag & Bone Skinny in Bright Orange @ $ 176.00 Divine but not as soft as the AG’s

The good news is that Bloomingdale’s is currently in pre-sale mode for their Friends and Family Sale, saving you 20%…and as far as I am concerned saving money means there is no bad news! YAY!
Here is the link to Bloomies with the jeans I tried on:!fn=BRAND%3Drag%2520%2526%2520bone/JEAN%3B%3BAG%2520Adriano%2520Goldschmied%3B%3BJ%2520Brand%3B%3BTrue%2520Religion%26sortBy%3DORIGINAL%26productsPerPage%3D96&#038;!qvp=iqvp