Boston Marathon

It was a beautiful sunny day, with over 27,000 participants.


reversecommuter & her FRB (fabulous running buddy) at the half way mark – just about to run into a phenomenal cheering crowd of friends and family!

3 miles to the finish line the race was cancelled due to a bombing.  Prayers go out to the families who lost a loved one.

Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for all the emails checking on me and my family – it meant the world!

Fashion & Finance Friday

Friday before a long weekend – WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!

Friday before Marathon Monday too – TRIPLE WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!

J.C. Penney is one busy company, on the executive side, sadly not on the retail side.  Click here to read about the dream launched a year ago to save the retailer.



Ron Johnson is out, Mike Ullman III is back as CEO, and Wall Street doesn’t think the prognosis is good for the patient.  The pop ups, shops-in-shops mini boutiques, rebranding and cool new lines were not enough.  Bummer, as reversecommuter thought this held massive potential – if the turn around happened it would have been the stuff of retail legend!


Lanvin has lost it’s managing director, Thierry Andretta, due to “personal reasons” aka not playing nicely with Shaw-Lan Wan, the majority owner, Chairman and CEO of Lanvin.  Huge loss to the company, but as long as Alber Elbaz is still the design head, reversecommuter is deliriously happy!


Over 27,000 people will run the Boston Marathon on Monday April 15th, including reversecommuter (#23448).  Fingers crossed & good luck fairy dust please!!!!

Have a sensational weekend and wear a bright Spring trending color while doing a mundane chore just to feel fabulous!

xo reversecommuter


Boston Marathon Here I Come…naked?

No, not really! I just don’t know what I am going to wear on April 15th for 26.2 miles.

boston2013 So on occasion between now and race day, I am going to work through some selections.
The BEST part is that I have to wear the outfits first to make sure it is comfortable…shopping time!!!!!!

The tricky bit about workout wear is the dreaded wedgina (click here to learn more).

First up, adidas by Stella McCartney. Simply crazy gorgeous! The materials, colors, textures, the little unexpected details, the design…uh, the fact that STELLA did it!!!!!!!!!!!!

stelb stelc

reversecommuter is the giddy happy owner of the light blue & tangerine spotted 3/4 length running tights (LOVE) and the white windbreaker (equally LOVE!).



My eye is on the metallic shorts next….

Boston Marathon 2013 What to Wear?! Stella!


McCartney as in.

photo courtesy of Stella

OHEMGEE Paul’s little girl is such a fabulous designer, it almost hurts!


Maybe I have sports clothing on the brain as I am training for the Boston Marathon

(HOLY CR*P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

but nonetheless the Stella McCartney / Adidas collaboration is genius!

X52384_F_s3 Z01735_F_s3 X51159_F_s3 X51601_F_s3 X51617_F_s3

Click here to go to the Adidas website that showcases the Stella McCartney/Addidas line.

If I have to pound out 26.2 miles on April 15th, I might as well have a STELLA-R (punn intended) workout wardrobe to get me there!