Tan Not Included, Style Guaranteed

Sometimes the universe is aligned and the fashion piece is perfect.


It didn’t hurt that the setting was a tropical stretch of beach on the Mexican Riviera and that the shop is the cutest little white box holding the most wondrous colors of the rainbow cut into flowy silhouettes that work on every single post beach babe that walks in!


reversecommuter first happened upon Josa three years ago on my first visit to Tulum (insert sighs, floating hearts and happy faces here).


Josa’s coverups walk right off the beach into the bar, restaurant or wherever.


Some models come with built in bras, some are made of über forgiving jersey that hides almost every single sticky finger print your child offers up, and you still look WOAH at the end of the day because the material, print and pattern are still fun and fresh!


Josa Tulum has just launched their new & improved website which makes it MUCH easier to grab a little piece of boho beachy style, even when the graying chunks of snow are still littering the ground – I am so not kidding, the stuff refuses to melt!


Josa Tulum went to NYC for coterie in February (think massive fashion shopping event for store buyers), so fingers crossed there will be some BIG news from that wondrous little shop sometime in the very near future…hint hint #calypso…


Put a Lid on It!

reversecommuter loves the sun but cannot reverse sun damage (clever phrase huh?!)


so it is time for my annual search for THE PERFECT HAT…here are a couple of top contenders:

J Crew $34.50


Gucci $435


Etro $136.50


Space Cowboy * currently on the cover of the RIDICULOUSLY good PORTER MAGAZINE


All in My Head

I am in search of the perfect white shirt.


Not too structured, no lycra, no detail, just a plain, crisp white shirt.   I have a few in my closet, a variety of styles and price points, everything from DVF, Calypso to Fendi and Dolce & Gabana.  And you can click here to see a bunch at net-a-porter.com…but it’s still not THE one I am dreaming of.

It’ll be just perfect with washed out boyfriend denim, flip flops and a little gold jewelry…..

A Country Fair, some Moose and a Ski Mask?

First things first, reversecommuter MUST bring this item from the New York Times front and center…

 “Sun masks” worn at the beach in China…wow.

Here is the original story that ran in Sunday’s NYTimes.

reversecommuter just returned from Northern Maine and a phenomenal vacation with friends and family.  Thanks HKT!

Went to a Moose hunting lodge (really and truly) for dinner one night under roughly a KABAZILLION stars!  Magical!

(wore  a billowing white Calypso coverup, Missoni head band, and Rag and Bone white cutoffs – figured white might ward off sudden moose attacks)

Next was off to the Northern Maine Fair – it was as a fair should be – ferris wheels, cotton candy, ring toss and a Smash Up Derby (my first…if you don’t count my actual cars!)

Says it all about the sandwiches doesn’t it?  🙂

Vroom Vroom baby!

Aerial view from the ferris wheel – fab breeze up there on a total scorcher of a day!

reversecommuter and her trois bebes!  James Perse tank dress and a Panama Jack sun hat that smushed in a suitcase like a dream!

Ponies to the Maxi!


Heat wave, birthday parties and a lunchtime rendez-vous!

The only option for an outfit during this kind of weather is a maxi dress.  Coolest, most comfortable option available, and you can completely change it up with accessories so that no one is the wiser to repeat appearances!

GIDDYUP!  oh yes I did!  I totally took a turn on the pony rides at a 3 year old’s birthday party!!!!  You only live once!

This maxi is from Calypso – love the brilliant colors and the pattern’s Aztec influence.

Secret rendez-vous with HH on the waterfront for lunch.  Phenom view, gorgeous breeze (much needed at the temp was a solid 100!!), and sometimes a day-date is just so perfect!

Yup, another day another Maxi dress!

This one is from Splendid, and ever since I bought it I have never been 100% sure, is it a skirt or a dress?  Doesn’t matter as I have worn it both ways!  (by the by, Splendid is having a fantastic summer sale right now – just click the blue word!!)

This is my cool girl with cool architecture in background pic… (I actually took this pic myself while HH went to get the car, using my iPhone with the reverse camera option – trying so hard not to laugh while I take it!)

I bought these Tom Ford sunglasses in Firenze this past November and am still v in love!

Here is a little medley of more maxis!

Maxis to the Max!

Sloblette’s Dirty Little Secret

I wore something the other day that made me feel uncomfortable and a little off.  Quite simply it just wasn’t me.  Ever been there?  It wasn’t totally yucky, just not right. Well, it inspired me to clean out my VERY scary closet.  I cannot believe I am about to expose my mess!   ew……………….. After looking at these pictures I realize that this is not going to be a simple one or two hour operation.  Nope, this is going to be the BIG DADDY of Spring Cleanings.  One great incentive is the BIG DADDY of shopping trips that will clearly be needed after this mega-cleanse! Rather proud of my initial foray into the abyss known as my closet.  Especially considering I tackled the dreaded sweater wall!  For pete’s sake girl, fold the dang sweaters!  I never realized I was such a sloblette! Look at the basket I filled.  Sweaters, jackets, jeans, all from great quality designers such as Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, Armani AX, Yigal Azrouel, Burberry etc, now going to one of my chosen charities.  Not only does the closet look neater, there are people in need who will get gently loved clothes.  A definite Win Win! Here is the big ol’ pile spread out all over the floor, just before it got bagged and picked up by the charity.  And I have already scheduled another pick up in a week! Stay tuned to the next chapter in Sloblette’s Dirty Little Secret…