Snow Flake!

Seriously, a sense of humor, cute winter accessories and a solid supply of champs are all absolute necessities when buried under 4+ feet of snow (and more coming later this week!!).

A fur pompom is THE hat this season, from the yoga studio to the grocery store to the school bus drop off, the pouffy fluffy pompom has been sported on tons of yummy mummies.  Eugenia Kim, the milliner mistress, allows her pompom to speak for itself.


With snowdrifts taller than me at 5’9″ that brilliant colored pompom is a hugely appealing selling feature!

Canada Goose jackets seem to be more visible than the actual honking feathered geese themselves.  The hat on the other hand is less recognizable but fabulous and WARM!


Who can’t love a hat that is furry and comes in hot pink, among other choices?

Rolling the perfect snowball takes more than just skill.  The perfect furry mittens need to help mold the arsenal.  Moncler’s leads the pack and knows just how to handle the packing snow too.  reversecommuter’s favorite winter activity is the surprise snowball attack as the children get off the school bus #mommieshavefuntoo!!!


No snow day is complete without a pair of metallic moon boots!  


This classic boot has withstood the test of time, let’s see how these babies handle a toboggan ride!

Blinding snow is no match for Fendi’s cats eye glasses made of acetate. 


Now get out there and embrace winter…I will be right here making sure the champs is perfectly chilled, hot chocolate is so overrated!

Jetset to Sochi Snow!

Of course I’ll come play out in the snow with you…


reversecommuter loves any excuse to find another area of fashion to delve into and shop!   Jetset, Gorsuch, Canada Goose, Moncler, KJUS, just to name a few of my current ski wear brand obsessions…


Jetset hot pink snow pants – obviously they had me at the name!  LOVE!!


Did I mention ridiculously warm?  Despite being ambushed by 2 hours worth of snowball stockpiles!


As Sochi nears (click here for a live clock countdown) why not invest in the official Olympic Collection from Bogner?  AMAZEBALLS!   Bright yellows, reds, prints, flowers, down, fur hoods – WOWZER!!!!!!!!

Watch the official German Olympic Team proudly (and gorgeously) sporting (punny right?!?!) their Bogner Olympic Outfits!


Another reversecommuter fave is Gorsuch (suburban legend says neighbors actuallly hear me squeal with happiness when the Gorsuch catalogue arrives!)  Click here to take a boo at some stellar ski parkas – drool factor way high!


Say hello to my Olympic goal – to get a pair of these Gorsuch pants from the official Olympic collection – click here to oogle the entire collection!!!


It is the first official snow storm of the year – and it is a bit of a dud!


However, it is the perfect excuse to search for the perfect hat (any excuse will do really!).


How about a little knit Gucci Gucci Goo?  Adorableness!  Click the blue to get your Gucci on.


Canada Goose’s Aviator hat is still my fave – stylish, furry, cute and warm.  Would it be wrong to get a hot pink one too?  Click here to get yours!


Gorsuch offers a cute pompom number that would fit nicely in a stocking (ahem, Santa, are you listening?).  Click here to choose your color.

How much does reversecommuter love the arrival of the Gorsuch catalogue anyway?  Answer – ADORE!


J Crew has a chunky cashcash number in a rainbow of colors at a price point that begs for the “one for me, one for them” Christmas present shopping theme!  Click here to exercise your choice!

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Nope, not one word about the weather.  It’s winter, I am in New England, it is what it is.

AND IT”S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sundance Festival is on right now and a lot of Hollywood is walking the streets of Park City, Utah.  In 2011 the Sundance Festival brought in $70.9 MILLION to Utah, that buys a lot of snow clearing machinery!


The best part is that it is a dress down event and reversecommuter loves watching what they wear.  Parkas, jeans, leggings, pompom hats (click here to see my new one), fur vests, fedoras, Sorels, sweaters, layers, layers, layers.  Just like us.

MAJOR pop-up shops, restaurants & bars can be found such as St. Tropez’ Nikki Beach, Vegas’ Tao, Canada Goose, (click here to hear all about reversecommuter’s love affair with Canada Goose!), Samsung, Adidas, Burton, etc.  There is no snow at Sundance this year (probably because it’s in New England…) but the movies are definitely worth the trip!


Chanel.  PHENOMENAL!  Karl Lagerfeld presented his Couture Spring 2013 show in Paris this past week and sealed once again his place as THE designer amongst a sea of many.  A great attribute of these fashion shows is that it can help you decide what is a smart wardrobe investment now.  Karl’s love of the over-the-knee thigh high boots, skirts to the knee and even a little longer all point to what to buy.  Uber feminine soft Pink was all over the place, a classic color that can live happily in warm or cold weather.  reversecommuter has been secretly coveting the pink suit by both Helmut Lang and Ralph Lauren for Spring 2013, like a lioness laying in the grass waiting to pounce!  (photo courtesy of


Make an excuse to dress up at least once this weekend!

xo reversecommuter

Sun, Sorels & Sleds

My family.  Yummmy!

And they let me dress them, because they know I love all things fashion.


I am SO a fan of Canada Goose outdoor clothing. Jackets, hats, puffer jackets, vests. Bright pink, yellow, black, blue, turquoise, white. With fur, without. Anyway you choose, deliciousness!  This hat is uber cute and warm too – nothing better than that combo in January in Boston!
I have it on good authority Canada Goose is a family owned company, third generation running it now. Reinvented itself by sending out complimentary jackets to the crews of movies filming up in Toronto. Smart!  (don’tcha love a little scoop?)  Click the blue to visit Canada Goose.


This is in my backyard.  Great park for snowshoeing, tobogganing, running and hiking, and renting the fantastic party space too!house

reversecommuter is always waxing on about investing in good pieces.  My jacket is a perfect example, and I am a total wimp in the winter, so it was a smart investment too.  Moncler.  Click the blue to visit and drool!
sillysnowA fabulous fashion friend of mine exclaimed that it is easier to drive in 6 inch Jimmy Choos than it is in these Sorels.  TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!

snowsuit But if it is cold and wet outside, save the Choos and keep the feet warm.  Click the blue to check out Sorel website.sorels

Designer Geese and Wheatgrass

It gets really cold in Canada.  I recently experienced a little taste of that myself up in Toronto.  So it makes perfect sense that the Canadians have a niche on gorgeous snow gear!

Canada Goose (yup, that is the name of the company) designs these phenomenal down filled, fur hooded bombers.  Hello Bright Pink, I think you could help me like winter more!

There are also fur trimmed hats, lighter weight spring / fall jackets and there is even a children’s’ line…TOO CUTE!

During my trip to Toronto I hit the St. Lawrence Market – an absolute not-to-miss if you are ever up there.  There are over a hundred vendors, screaming their lungs out trying to get your business.  Cheese mongers, butchers, olive oil shops, seafood shops, fruits and vegetables, you eat it they sell it there, and have been selling it there since 1803!

Whenever I go to the market I hit the mouth watering St Urbain Bagels (OMG TOOO DELISH FOR WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and grab a fresh shot of wheatgrass (that green is SO the green a lot of designers have used this Spring, don’t you think?)