Fur Snow Repeat

Even in the after glow of the Pats Superbowl Win (YAYZIES!!!!), the snowstorm that is currently dumping mega inches of white stuff is affecting my fashion thoughts.


Winter freakin’ wonderland chez moi


Trending in the mind of reversecommuter today…Fur Boots.  Mukluks with sass if you will.


Chloe’s Danny Boot


Chloe’s Danny Boot with fox fur is my personal front runner.


Liska’s sable boot


If you care to slum it a little, Liska’s sable fur boot is on sale for $3K.


Manola Blue Wedge Boot


Manola blue fox wedge boot over at Gorsuch (who doesn’t squeal out loud when that catalogue arrives?!) is beyond description.  Navy.  Fur. Boots.  !!!!!!!


Maybe it is the Canadian in me but I couldn’t not include Manitoba Mukluks in this list.  The Tall Wrap Mukluk with rabbit fur is a little more budget friendly but still furry and fabulous.


For the Faux Fans how about this $45 deal for faux mink mukluks?

Now if you will excuse me, three awesomely mischievous children just DARED to challenge me to a snowball fight!




Oh “Shan-a-da”

As has been duly noted, I love love love Shan.  So naturally I HAD to stop in to the Toronto boutique and pick up a few things!

The Canadian swimwear designer has just been named Parisian Designer of the Year!  Very exciting and prestigious award, and very well deserved!

I got a new black bikini (essential basic with a fun metal tie detail on the bottoms) and am SERIOUSLY considering going back today (in the rain) to pick up one of these FAB-U-LOUS floppy hats, ($145.00 CDN).