Needles, Eggs, Roses & Stripes

Day started with a double dose of cortisone shots – big needle for each foot – as a preemptive approach to Monday’s Boston Marathon (psychosomatic healing works for wimps!)…

needlesThen home on doctor’s orders to put my bandaged feet up, just relax and smell the proverbial pre-race roses…


Never one to actually sit in one place for more than 5 minutes…my plan was to boil up a bunch of eggs, gather up the banditos and have them sparkle, tie-dye and create some fab Easter eggs…


Stomach flu has derailed the plans.  Very sick little banditos in the casa.  Nothing but popsicles and apple juice on the horizon.  Poor babies.  Rumor has it the Easter Bunny is shopping overtime online (while resting her feet) to bump up the Easter basket fillings…




Coachella – the uber cool California music festival that occurs annually in May, always delivers a fashion pulse.

This year brought the short shorts and the little boots vibe.

The question is, “If you are over 20 years of age (and therefore didn’t go to Coachella) can you rock the look?”

When it comes to fashion, especially trends, a little tweaking goes a long way! So today I passed on the short shorts (probably going to pass on that tomorrow too 😄) but brought out the boots.

Elementary school concert today = my very own Coachella!