Never been much of a leaf peeper.

photo 3

Grew up in the tropics.

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More of a palm tree gawker but even I need to recognize how beautiful fall foliage is!

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Layer it on me!

Just as the State of the Union is not just an excuse to stay up late…(anyone else tired today?),winter is not just for coats and jackets.


Especially winters that seem to last forever! (insert *$%#&*! here)


Start with serious layering such as silk or cotton long sleeve t-shirts, grab your favorite thick warm sweater, and top it off with a fun fur/faux vest.


Expand the winter wardrobe while fooling yourself into thinking it is getting closer to Spring!


FYI I found this Phillip Lim 3.1 sweater (alot of requests!) here at (click the blue, it’s on sale!)

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ps thank you for all the wonderful get well wishes – you totally made my day!!!!!!!!!

xo reversecommuter

Grey & Camel vs the Crayons

Crayola has got a good thing going. Lots of crayons lined up in colored order.


Allow reversecommuter to dump those crayons out and rejig the color rules of the rainbow!


Grey and Camel are my winter combo faves of 2014.


Pretty sure that combo is not a staple in the Crayola rule book.


Rules were made to be broken.


Especially in fashion.


Only one fashion rule needs to be followed: Test drive it in a mirror before you leave the house. ..and LOVE it!


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A Rain Hat & Facebook

Umbrellas are as passe as Facebook.


Read somewhere that FB was sooooo 2011.  Kinda love that – feel free to use in a sentence.


So get a hat and don’t worry anymore if the wind pops the runner on your umbrella (those are the arms inside the umbrella & yes, I did Wikipedia that one!).


Burberry hat, Chanel sunglasses, MOTHER jeans…FYI shoes & top came from Zara…KA-CHING!!!!!!!!

Necessary Equipment

School mornings are crazed chez reversecommuter.


Fast track, action packed, insane 2 hours…all about the bambinos!


Critical outfit selection at 6am – stylish, flexible, layerable.   Bonjour prints from Equipment!


reversecommuter has long loved Equipment, but the prints that are now offered have increased the boom boom boom of my heart!  Click the blue to shop your coeur away (French for heart fyi).

(rumor has it that Miranda Kerr lives in this line of delicious silks!)


School bus pick up happy dance!

Romper Bomper

Could it be easier?


How ironic that children have mastered this look for years! One piece simplicity in a romper.  Who knew toddler fashion was translatable?!

romper1 has some amazing rompers – solids and patterns, that will make the decision in the summer morning that much easier.  Below find rompers by Torn, Splendid and Ramy Brook.  Click here to have some fun shopping!

tornb4036329106_p3_1-0_150x296 splen4086220711_p3_1-0_150x296 ramyb3003810024_p3_1-0_150x296

Why So Complicated?

Clothes should not frustrate you – plain and simple.


reversecommuter loved this dress (click here to read about it), but when I went to try it on I literally got tangled in the change room!   There was an extra layer inserted at the waist to reduce how see through it was, but it was SO encasing and confusing!


Luckily I was in James Perse (click the blue to ooooh and awwww on the website) and it is not difficult to find something to love in that shop!


Went with the ruched blue grey tank dress instead – no tangles,no confusion, and the ruching is BEYOND forgiving (you can adjust the ruching to wherever you might need more!)  Click the pic to go buy one…


James Perse tank dress, Prada Sport cork wedges, Chanel sunglasses.