Chilly Pompoms!

Still cold.  Really cold.  So naturally I decided to wear a skirt.  Box pleats, tights & a turtleneck – take that blistery cold wind!


Any colder and reversecommuter will be forced to take drastic action!


Decided that making lemonade out of lemons today meant going hat shopping!


The pompom was the winner, sadly the homage to the YSL-inspired floppy fedora didn’t make the cut.  Click the blue to read about the YSL Spring 2013 show and the floppy fedora, but warning it is a bit of a scathing review…

pompom2 pompom


reversecommuter has NO willpower.   Zero.  None.  Nada.  Zip.


And I absolutely don’t care.  These beauties are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally!  Remember my earlier homage to my sweet sweet booties?  (Click the blue…)

I tried on the python version in Bal Harbor at the Chloe boutique in the fall, but the purpley/grey/brown color didn’t WOW me.

The classic black with gold detail is much more my style and I can see these going with a ton of basics like leggings & jeans as well as skirts.  Cool fun way to dress up the everyday!


Chloe Susan Boots…purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr