Colette, tres coquette!

On a recent trip to Paris, there was one store I hit over and over again.

 Colette an institution in Paris and throughout the fashion world, is one of THE best shops.
When I arrived in Paris Colette had started their winter sale, and the store was jammed!  The window had blue blow up men wiggling in the breeze, D.J.’s were banging out the most incredible sounds and the crowds were trying hard to look casual while grabbing the uber cool discounted threads from drool worthy designers.

A few days later I went back – honestly I could not help myself, I LOVE Colette!

The Spring Collections had magically appeared, the blue blowing dudes were gone from the window and the most mesmerizing brilliant designer pieces were draped artistically over mannequins throughout the upper floor.

Colette is unique in that it is a designer clothing boutique upstairs and has a veritable playroom in the street level complete with books, candles, candy and tech gadgets galore!   One of my favorite post-Parisian rituals is unpacking my Colette purchases and falling in love all over again.  ❤

La Dolce Gabbana Vita

I have decided that I want to live inside a Dolce & Gabbana ad for a few days.


In a seaside Italian village.


With an extended family of strictly gorgeous people.


In a continuous rotation of flower laden, richly embroidered, body flattering, lace embellished clothing and bags.


Ideally during the summer months as I think my Dolce & Gabbana ad fantasy would totally stink if it was snowing and I couldn’t feel my toes.


Actually there is so very little difference between reverecommuter’s everyday life and my imaginary Dolce & Gabbana ad life…

Reebok & Alicia Keys on Fire!


Guess what reversecommuter just got an exclusive on?

485969_549497628415610_1178887643_n 2

Alicia Keys just signed a deal with Reebok to design a line, and as a celebration she performed a private concert in Miami for Reebok execs Saturday night!


Granted Alicia has designed shoes for Reebok (click here to buy a pair), this new deal is a direct affilitation with Reebok’s Live with Fire focus (click here to learn more).

This girl IS on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here to go peruse the Reebok website.

Friday Fashion & Finance

Happy Friday!!!!!

TUMI went public, following in the footsteps of Michael Kors who is now not only a brilliant designer but also a KA-BILLIONAIRE!!!  TUMI‘s IPO has now valued the company at $1.79 billion…that is a lot of luggage!!!  As an aside, TUMI is my handsome-professional-road-warrior-husband’s favorite luggage brand, because it is so durable, and I like it’s sleek, masculine design and style.

Thought I would infuse a little Canadian flavor in the post today, considering I am still visiting Toronto….Joe Fresh (think Canada’s light version of H&M meets Target brand clothing) just opened a big honking’ flagship in Manhattan (located on 5th Avenue in the 40s) – MAJORLY GREAT LOCATION!!!!!

As it is a Canadian based retailer, I had the opportunity to go into a store in Toronto yesterday.  They are located (peculiarly) beside LOBLAWS grocery stores, are bright orange and sell VERY inexpensive clothes (for example $29.00 CND for bright colored capri jeans), for men, women and children. JOE FRESH is planning on opening up to 800 stores in the US (that is QUITE AMBITIOUS!!!!!!).