O.W.O. Ready, Set, Shop!


It’s that time of year, holiday shopping season aka the Holidaze!

Grande latte – check, lists – check, multiple layered outfit to enable quick adaptation for cold to hot to cold – check!

Toque Right Off

Really really really seriously cold.  New England is in a big bad freeze.


Time to pull out the toque, this kind of cold doesn’t take pity on underdressed fashion fools!  (the cold weather apparently brings out the Muhammed Ali in me).

reversecommuter toque

True Story – these Miu Miu boots almost got reversecommuter into a little fisticuffs in Milano with a REALLY large Russian woman – thankfully the salesman took pity on me and saved the day (and more importantly the boots!!!).


Miu Miu boots, Coat Coat, J Brand jeans, Dolce & Gabbana turtleneck, Prada toque.

Calling All Car…Coats!

Never truly appreciated the necessity of a Car Coat until the ‘burbs.


Driving to drop off children, groc shop, the gym, errands, meetings, tennis, yoga, grooming (pets and humans), pick up children, take children to activities, pick up children again, meet with friends, shop a little (or a lot),  drive into city to find zen, etc etc etc.

carAIn and out of the car all day long.


A full length winter coat is nothing but a hindrance.


The Car Coat length is the perfect length.  Never gets caught in the door, doesn’t get dragged through gray snow banks, puddles or any other ickiness.

Coat by Giada Forte for COAT, boots Rocco P., Mother Jeans, Dolce & Gabbana sweater, Chanel sunglasses.