Romper Bomper

Heat waves mean getting creative at minimal dressing.  Naked only works in certain circles.

Rompers make it easy to keep cool and look great with clothes on!

What is better than a one piece wonder?  Iro’s georgette playsuit works perfectly well at keeping it cool during the day and then adding a little heat at night with a pair of gladiator sandals and a fun clutch.

Rompers are the equivalent of an adult onesie.  Why should the little ones get all the perks?  James Perse linen playsuit is a perfect example of simplistic pleasure.  And it doesn’t get much better than having it called a “playsuit” – it’s practically a dare to have fun!

For a more budget friendly option Tart’s strapless cotton romper (with a great price of $ 128) represents what just might be the single best piece of clothing you own on a disgustingly sticky hot humid day!

reversecommuter owns Tart’s “textured diamond” print (sadly sold out online) but the gray is absolutely available.  

Summer weather is supposed to be sticky and uncomfortably hot but with rompers the biggest dilemma will be which one will you wear first?

Cotton Conundrum

I want a new pair of jeans…actually I really want these

Alas, I am on the waiting list in NYC but have a craving for immediate gratification so I went to Bloomingdales and these were my choices:

The breakdown:
True Religion Blue & White “Stella” tie dye @ $216.00 Legs were cut too skinny
AG Luscious Sateen in Coral tie dye @ $178.00 THE GLASS SLIPPER OF THE DAY!!!
J Brand Cropped White @ $ 180.00 Best to wait for a complimenting tan
J Brand Twill Skinny in Twisted Plum @ $ 198.00 Too Stretchy
Rag & Bone Skinny in Bright Orange @ $ 176.00 Divine but not as soft as the AG’s

The good news is that Bloomingdale’s is currently in pre-sale mode for their Friends and Family Sale, saving you 20%…and as far as I am concerned saving money means there is no bad news! YAY!
Here is the link to Bloomies with the jeans I tried on:!fn=BRAND%3Drag%2520%2526%2520bone/JEAN%3B%3BAG%2520Adriano%2520Goldschmied%3B%3BJ%2520Brand%3B%3BTrue%2520Religion%26sortBy%3DORIGINAL%26productsPerPage%3D96&!qvp=iqvp