Decadence, Gorgeousness, and Crayons, Oh My!

The fashionista crowd came out en mass to help children in need at Scoop NYC last night.



Shopping always makes me happy but when the profits go to little ones who don’t have as much as most, there are no words!!!!

Kudos to the lovely hostesses!  This is one of them, Laura Baldini, with me.  (It’s all about that dress of her’s right??!?!?!)

Scoop NYC, admirable, charitable, fabulous.  Here is one of my fave people at the boutique!

All in the Name of Charity…

I am going to a charity event tonight at ScoopNYC, and I have a little wish list of items that I want to get, all in the name of helping others (and what better excuse is there than that?!!)

Scoop NYC Wishlist for ReverseCommuter