Jonathan Simkhai Visits!

Jonathan Simkhai came to Boston this weekend to pour me champagne.


And host a Meet & Greet at Louis Boston…but mainly me and the champs.


Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2014 is a collection of feminine cuts, playful forms and flattering knitwear that can be ‘everyday incorporated’.  reversecommuter has been a fan obsessed with his clothes since first introduction 2012, and each season the designs improve to a new, unimaginable level.


The other really incredible aspect of Jonathan Simkhai clothing is the price point, it is client friendly.  LOVE!


“I know it sounds corny but I have always wanted to do this.  Being a designer is my dream.”  Jonathan Simkhai.


Lucky for us Jonathan, dreams come true!


reversecommuter is loving the slit godet tank – silk, sexy, versatile – bound to be a favorite basic in my Spring wardrobe.  The classic cropped turtleneck – ridiculousness reinvented! Jonathan’s knit pencil skirt is quite possibly one of THE most flattering (aka forgiving) knit pieces available!  Click the blue phrases, go shopping and wear gorgeous clothes!



Cropped WHO WHAT WHERE?!?!?

Option Two:  High Waisted Bottoms.


I kid you not, they are most definitely making a come back.  Released with crop tops, it’s almost like the designers feel our fear.  Click here to peruse 6 pages of high waisted pieces on net-a-porter.  Some of my favorites are Jonathan Simkhai, Alexander Wang and Jason Wu.


High Waisted Bottoms also hide a multitude of sins because of where the lines cut.  Seriously.


Sarah Jessica Parker herself said in 2003 that moms don’t need to wear low rise jeans (click here for that Vogue piece).  Same exact premise to be found here.  No need to fully expose the Shar Pei tummy region.

cropd It should not be a whole lotta skin that is showing.  Buy up in the size of the top, gain a little extra length.  Just be sure of one thing – feel comfortable in it.  If not, there is always Option #1 – click here to revisit!


ps my oldest son wanted to know what happened to the rest of my top…keeping it real in the ‘burbs.

Cropped What?!


Memo to designers – Not all women’s stomachs are created equal.


Some are in their early twenties and have washboard six packs. Others are a teeny bit older and have had some babies, and are now the proud owners of tummy-Shar-Peis.


Hence the Spring fashion conundrum concerning crop tops & the need for Fashion Translation!


There are some wondrous collections out this spring, most of which are offering crop tops. What’s the owner of a muffin top to do?


Option One – the layered look.  This is a great option for Spring (and almost Spring), as layering is key to survival when it is freezing in the morning then scorching in the afternoon.


Wear a longer tee short or blouse underneath the crop. But don’t tuck!

Option Two –  Tune in tomorrow……  🙂