Equipment = èquipment=Oooh La La

The French has the fashion je ne sais quoi.  

Grab jeans, pull on a sumptuous silk blouse, fab pair of boots et voila!

picture courtesy of Harrod's

Equipment is THE silk shirt brand (click the blue phrase to go to website).  Relaunched in 2010 by Serge Azria (as in Serge Azria, owner of both Current/Elliot & Joie), now every favorite fashion girl’s go to piece.

This is THE piece to break up the monotony of your daily wardrobe.  No need to reach up into the t-shirt pile today.


jeans Levi’s, boots Balenciaga, blouse Equipment

The goddesses over at Mode Operandi are currently selling Equipment Spring 2013 Collection.  But if the Zebra Grid Signature Blouse  and the Archive Tropical Floral Remy Utility dress are no longer available in a small, je m’excuse!

Wedgina Brights Beware!

The trend is bright jeans, tight bright jeans. Full Length or capris, the emphasis is on tight.

That is why I felt it necessary to share the word of the day, “Wedgina”.  Synonymous with Camel Toe, if you know what I mean.

Wearing the fun, cute, bright, tight jeans demands an extra minute be taken before leaving for the day, to check for the dreaded “Wedgina”.

Wedgina Brights Beware!