Fashion & Finance Friday!

Friday already?  YIPPPEEEEEEEEE!

Black Friday toppled Cyber Monday with the old one-two-punch.  Bricks and mortar plus an online presence for the first Friday after Thanksgiving delivered a lot of presents for the upcoming holidays spectacular savings!


Despite sales volumes down for the second year in a row, 9.1 Billion worth of shopping did happen on Black Friday, and an increase in online shopping helped in that total.  Stealing smoke from Cyber Monday by offering online and in store savings was a brilliant strategy, but retailers are still seeing soft sales.


Great news for us, the consumers!  Super Saturday (Saturday December 20th) is looking very promising!  If holiday sales continue to have the blahs, Super Saturday may deliver some spectacular deals, although retailers are keeping the detail of the deals close to their ugly-sweater-chests right now…


Victoria Beckham is expanding her empire and continuing to claw her way to the top.  Specifically with nail polish.  2 limited edition shades she created with Nails Inc.

Bamboo White and Judo Red will go on sale Monday December 8th, click here to help Santa fill your stocking!


Happy Weekend!

Decorate the tree wearing ridiculously high strappy gorgeous shoes while holding a with a bubble filled flute.  FA-LA-LA-LA-LOVE!

xo reversecommuter

Fashion & Finance Friday!



Tis the season for crazy cool gifts, and Gucci is a great place to start!  reversecommuter fell in love with numerous pieces at the Bal Harbor boutique.


What to get that person on your list who has everything?  Buy what Gloria Estefan’s husband, Emilio,  did – a $25,000 Gucci bike for Christmas.  The Bal Harbor Gucci boutique is the second highest in sales after New York City, and selling 3 of these per year probably helps!  Click here to get your own.  😉

Xmas time

Cyber Monday 2013 blew the previous years’ records out of the water!  Online sales were up 20% from 2012.  That explains why Brown Santa (aka UPS delivery dude) keeps visiting casa reversecommuter!  Although online numbers are up, the amount of dollars to be spent is down so the competition for consumer dollars is up – GREAT NEWS FOR US!!!!!!


Raise a glass of champs this weekend to the memory of Nelson Mandela.  Here is one of my favorite quotes from him – “Difficulties break some men, but make others”.

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Fashion & Finance Friday!

Black Friday is in FULL SWING!!!!!

Black Friday courtesy of National Geographic is on sale / alexander wang is on sale / Bergdorf Goodman, Neimans, Barneys & Saks too! (click the blue to go to each website & shop shop shop)

Black Friday is the highest grossing retail sales day of the year. 2011 Black Friday earned approximately $20 BILLION! Cyber Monday is just around the corner…

Fab fact of the day – shopping releases dopamine into the brain – a true natural high!

Enjoy the looooooooong weekend!

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