Girl from IPPOLITA!

Actually I met THE girl from IPPOLITA –  IPPOLITA Rostagna, not the girl from IMPENEMA.  But it makes for a fun title and is SUCH a great song so what the heck!  🙂


IPPOLITA is a gorgeously talented creature who delivers one of the best gold, silver and gemstone jewelry lines available.  reversecommuter had the pleasure of meeting her in person at Bloomies.


reversecommuter always assumed IPPOLITA was out of Italy.  IPPOLITA‘s head office is actually in New York City (where IPPOLITA now has a free standing boutique too!), but factually I was bang on – IPPOLITA Rostagno (founder, designer and namesake) is from Firenze!  Now back to the gorgeous sparkly bits…


reversecommuter has rarely met a sparkly bit she doesn’t like!


No exception this time either – I am all about finding the perfect pinky ring this Spring (rhymes!) and I think I have shortlisted 2 serious contenders:



Truth be told, this is my fave, and IPPOLITA agreed!



IPPOLITA, next trip to NYC I am coming by to buy!  Grazie Bella!


Internationally CUTE!


Made in Italy.

reversecommuter has always been clear on her amore of all things Italiano!

Company from Paris. (click the blue to go to Missiu’s European website).

C’est la meme chose pour Paris et reversecommuter (same type of love for Paris & reversecommuter).


Distributed in the U.S.A. by One Lady Bug Inc. (click the blue to get in touch).

Has the $18.00 price been mentioned yet?  YAY!!!!!!!!!!  Load them up and brighten up your wrist & day!

Stack up some skulls & diamonds – what’s better than that?

Can be found soon (but not yet) at ScoopNYC, Louis Boston, Intermix, and Portabella Road.

reversecommuter trying in vain to limit her choices at ScoopNYC!