Fashion & Finance Friday!

BOOOOO – Friday has arrived!


Away she goes…again.  Jil Sander has left her namesake brand, for the third time.  Prada bought the company in 1999, and since then Jil has left her company 3 times, always for personal reasons, aka she doesn’t work well under others.  This is completely understandable, it was her company that she founded back in 1968, and it was her minimalist lines that created a following.  Sensitive artist types!


Choupette rules!  King Karl has just released a capsule collection of kitty cat inspired pieces including key chains, hats, purses and iEverything covers.


reversecommuter has happily found her iPhone case of choice.  MEOW!!!!!!

Veronica Beard – the stylish, talented, pretty sister-in-law design team that reinvented the blazer & dickie as their first act (WOWZER!!!!!) is a CFDA finalist, and in reversecommuter’s humble opinion, BEYOND deserving of a win.  Click here to read more Veronica Beard love…

Here are the nominees (click the pic to read more).


The line has evolved with each collection since their 2010 launch, now delivering sexy curve appealing pants and leather pieces that  are drool demanding!  November 11th will deliver the winner…fingers crossed for the dynamic duo of delicious designs!


It’s Halloween Weekend so dress up, pop the champs and scare someone…with your phenomenal fashion style!

xo reversecommuter

Hat Attack!

Quickest way to dress up & feel fancy?


Add a hat.


Or a fascinator.


Choose a color or go black.


If you are really lucky, it will be a Galvinized Hat (click here and be ready to be wowed by the absolute artistry of Marie Galvin).  Here she is hard at work, creating in her workshop.


She is the artist behind all four of the fascinators worn in this picture.


Boston’s Emerald Necklace (11,000 acres of parkland throughout Boston) holds a fabulous luncheon in the Spring, and the ladies get dressed up complete with a fabulous hat.  It was held yesterday, and reversecommuter was honored to be a part of the 10th Anniversary Party in the Park.   Click here to read more about this important charity focused on keeping the city of Boston green and beautiful!