Fashion & Finance Friday!

FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you hear the cork popping?

Neiman Marcus announced strong profits – must be a relief in this economy that they found a buyer (click here to read about the crazy cash rich Canadians!).

Milan Fashion Week has brought the big dogs onto the runway – Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Max Mara and DSquared to name a few impressive names!  Next up Paris…


Speaking of Fendi (reversecommuter is LOVE LOVE LOVING the furry fabulousness of Fendi’s Fall Collection), the fashion house has opened a palatial palazzo in Milano.  This is a great move as the flagship in Rome is less than awesome.  I was recently in Rome and was SO excited to go get myself a little furry piece of deliciousness and was so disappointed with the store and selection.  Mental note to self – next trip go North to Milan!


Hope you have a stylishly spectacular weekend – slap on heels to go buy the grocs & mimosas for absolutely no reason!


The Boys, Shoes, Military Stripes

LOL!  As if reversecommuter is that political an animal!

Nope, just a title that reflects my absolute adoration for Dan & Dean Caten aka D’Squared (SWOOOOOOON!) and their brown boots that I covet in my wardrobe…

click the blue to visit fabulousness in the form of the D’Squared website!

Military stripe pants  – such a fun little variation in the details to subtly mix it up…

And well, that’s it – not too deep but considering the politically charged week the USA has just had, maybe that is fine!

pants Zara, boots D’Squared, sweater Dolce & Gabbana.


Well, not totally pumped about the weather getting cooler and the leaves changing color (has always been a little lost on me – truthfully would rather look at palm trees!).

Thank goodness for fashion – it makes everything a little bit better – even pumping gas during Fall!

Layer, layer, layer and DON’T put away all the summer pieces until late October…you just never know!

Shorts J.Crew, Long Sleeved T-shirt James Perse, Jean Jacket DSquared, Ballet Flats Repetto, Sunglasses Tom Ford.

How cute are these Tiki Shorts? (CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO GO DIRECTLY TO JCREW).  Layered up with a long sleeved t-shirt, a cashmere sweater, and a cute pair of ankle boots?  Fab Fall!

Click here for JCrew’s sale.

Sloblette’s Dirty Little Secret

I wore something the other day that made me feel uncomfortable and a little off.  Quite simply it just wasn’t me.  Ever been there?  It wasn’t totally yucky, just not right. Well, it inspired me to clean out my VERY scary closet.  I cannot believe I am about to expose my mess!   ew……………….. After looking at these pictures I realize that this is not going to be a simple one or two hour operation.  Nope, this is going to be the BIG DADDY of Spring Cleanings.  One great incentive is the BIG DADDY of shopping trips that will clearly be needed after this mega-cleanse! Rather proud of my initial foray into the abyss known as my closet.  Especially considering I tackled the dreaded sweater wall!  For pete’s sake girl, fold the dang sweaters!  I never realized I was such a sloblette! Look at the basket I filled.  Sweaters, jackets, jeans, all from great quality designers such as Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, Armani AX, Yigal Azrouel, Burberry etc, now going to one of my chosen charities.  Not only does the closet look neater, there are people in need who will get gently loved clothes.  A definite Win Win! Here is the big ol’ pile spread out all over the floor, just before it got bagged and picked up by the charity.  And I have already scheduled another pick up in a week! Stay tuned to the next chapter in Sloblette’s Dirty Little Secret…

Wedgina Brights Beware!

The trend is bright jeans, tight bright jeans. Full Length or capris, the emphasis is on tight.

That is why I felt it necessary to share the word of the day, “Wedgina”.  Synonymous with Camel Toe, if you know what I mean.

Wearing the fun, cute, bright, tight jeans demands an extra minute be taken before leaving for the day, to check for the dreaded “Wedgina”.

Wedgina Brights Beware!

With Flowers & Flare

Brilliant, Sunny, Spring Day!  Decided to go against the skinny leg trend and flare it out a little today.

Chaiken pants (wool gabardine – it’s like a wool jersey), J. Crew t-shirt (beginning to take the lead in my search for a fave t-shirt line), DSquared Jean Jacket (love Dean & Dan anything!!), Lanvin ballet flats (fit like butter!!), and a fun little locket I picked up at a street market.