Fashion & Finance Friday!

It’s a LOOOOOOONG Weekend!!!!  WHOOOP WHOOOP!!!!!!!!!!

Ever wondered by Monaco’s Charlotte Gasiraghi has been the subject of Gucci’s equestrian ad campaign?  Yes she is an accomplished rider but it actually goes a little deeper.  Gucci loved Grace Kelly (Charlotte’s grandmother), the Italian design house created the Flora scarf for her.  The Gucci Museo in Florence offers a fascinating review of the fashion house’s archives, and the Flora scarf is one collection not to miss.


reversecommuter has visited the Gucci Museo in Florence a few times – a friend of mine suggested it was a return to the Mother Ship – loved that!

Target has to find some new hoops to jump through.  Wall Street spanked the discount bulk retailer and sent their shares down 2% after Target released it’s first quarter numbers.  Analysts want Target to get back to what Target did best – bringing in customers.  Wall Street does not believe in the designer collaborations, and reversecommuter is whole heartedly in agreement!  Fast Fashion is never the answer.  Focus on inexpensive paper towels and cleaning supplies and leave fashion to the experts please!


Proenza Schouler had a Target collection when they were starting out and wanted to maximize on the marketing exposure Target would offer.  When Jack & Lazaro visited Boston in 2013, they were the first to recognize they would probably not do something like that again and were not particularly proud of the product.

Enjoy the loooooong weekend – that means put on something pretty and pop the champs!

xo reversecommuter

Giddy up!

Equestrian fashion is a classic style that resurfaces every few years into the designers’ collections. It is usually equated to polo matches and luxurious Ralph Lauren marketing campaigns.
How about throwing your favorite pair of leggings into it? Uh…What?!?

The cardinal rule of leggings is universal, no matter the age, be it 10 or 30 or whatever….Cover Your Butt!
This is why leggings totally compliment the equestrian style.

Long white button down shirt…check!

Riding boots…obvi!

Blazer with tails or exaggerated length to handle caboose coverage? Double check!

Tally Ho!


Iisli jacket, Dolce and Gabana white shirt, Lanvin boots.