Getting Mooned!

Half mooned to be precise.  On the nails.


One of the strongest nail trends that came out of NYFW was the half-moon mani.


Metallic base was the most prevalent, but there are no rules in mani-land.  Get creative!



There is even room for the Mademoiselle & Bubble Bath muted colors.  SWOON!


Yet another way to subtly rock the ‘burbs!

Inspiring NOT Stealing.

When I go get these done…


It’s Essie Tour de Finance.

Anywho, when I find myself stuck at the spa I notice that I actually take the time to see the details in a magazine.  Which leads me to adding to this little pile of ripped bits of inspiration.  Kinda like a hardcopy Pinterest board.


It isn’t stealing if it inspires me right?

ps I find that a decent fake cough almost completely covers up the ripping noise.  Just saying.

Blue Nails, Bangs and Bandaids

After debating the big haircut for a little bit, (translation “after OBSESSING for 3 months), I decided to take the plunge!
Bridget Bardot’s picture that was the inspiration is a permanently burned bookmark on my iPad, it was visited so often!

I’ve always seen clients at the hair salon enjoying a glass of liquid courage, but up until Operation Bardot Bangs, I’d never tried it….not a terrible option FYI!
My hairstylist sacrificed herself for the bangs – got a cut wielding those sharp scissors – and was sporting a Bandaid at the end. Poor gorgeous girl!




It’s All in the Bag

Pre-children and occasionally on date nights I carry a cute, teeny tiny clutch. Most of the time however, I am risking spinal injury with a ridiculously large, heavy bag which holds an even more ridiculous amount of cr*p!
Might as well make it a cute big bag, not that the amount of “stuff” is going to change.


Imagine the level of happiness on the richter scale when I stumbled onto a new handbag designer, who delivers gorgeousness without the price being scary. orYany is the name, delivering scrumpdiliciousness in a handbag is his game!
I bought mine at ScoopNYC but have also seen the collection at Bloomingdales, and of course on the web.

or Yany is quite the genius in design, look at all the pockets on the outside, and compartments, openings and zippers on the inside. This bag is a busy woman’s BFF!


So I’ve loaded up my or Yany bag, am heading out to the gym (another perk of the big bag is it’s multi-purpose capability), rocking my Essie nails and ready to take on the day!



It’s Not that Kind of Party!

Saturday night was a fun one: dinner plans, and then a fund raiser to attend – YAY!

First step in preparations, manicures with my 7 year old daughter – LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue nails….not so much love.  But, a promise is a promise & she wanted matching manis.

Alexander Wang is a personal fave, and I really love T by Alexander Wang because it is not     reasonable to expect a girl to be able to buy runway fashions every time she goes shopping…although it would be quite lovely!

So I bought this fabulous T by Alexander Wang navy blue dress (to continue the blue theme of the day), at Scoop NYC.

Imagine my surprise at home (2 minutes before I had to leave), when I noticed the sheer panels were MUCH more adventurous that they had appeared in the change room!

Personally, I still love the dress, and anticipate it being a summer fave.  But for the evening’s planned events I sure was happy I had chosen to bring a pinstriped navy blazer with me.

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