Big Bags

The question isn’t clutch or bucket bag?  Although this Alexander McQueen clutch is BEYOND!!!!!!!!!  click the pic to buy one!


The question is why does this crazed, party induced, fabulously fun time of the year produce BIG BAD EYE BAGS?!?!?!


Solution – Dr. Brandt.  Honestly if it’s good enough for Gwyneth & a bucketload of super models, then why shouldn’t reversecommuter slather it on?  


Click here to take a look at his extensive skin care line.  One of his lines is called DNA, an anacronym for Do Not Age – the man is a genius!

And now back to the festive party season!!!  🙂

You had me at Anti-Aging

Fave new compact floating in my make-up bag is from the pampering La Prarie


First level is Anti-Aging Eye Perfection. Add some during the day for instant moisturizing and a little brightening!


Next stop, Anti-Aging Perfection for lips. Instant moisturizing and smells quite yummarooo to boot!

Not to mention the added bonus of being able to easily locate the shiny cute compact in the sea of lipsticks floating in the abyss of my make-up bag!