Fashion & Finance Friday!

Friday, you freakin’ rock!

Tom Ford is launching fancy schmancy sneakers for Fall 2014 – sign me up!  Sending a message that the current sporting line obsession of the fashion industry is still going strong.  Prices range from $690 to $990, for sneaks that have been hand made in Italian workshops, where the leather is hand polished for three days for the deep patina.  If cost is a concern for these norm core creations, go for the velvet low tops with the modest $690 price tag.


reversecommuter LOVES all things Tom Ford (click here to revisit the love), and wonders when the women’s sneaks will be unveiled…and for how much.


DIOR Secret Garden Part 3 has returned to the intoxicatingly beautiful Palais de Versailles.  I love these videos, shot by wonder duo Inez and Vinoodh.


The bags, the dresses, the shoes, Depeche Mode still singing and OBVIOUSLY the palace and grounds – c’est règal pour les jeux!  reversecommuter is loving the tease Dior has put up on Instagram:

If possible drink pink bubbles while wearing pink at some point this weekend – it’s good to have goals!

xo reversecommuter


What the heck is this?


Hormones are to blame.  Apparently after a pregnancy the hormones can alter your hair – it can go dark, light, curly or ahem…kinky.          In. Just. One. Place.

Kink1Predictions for Fall 2014 Hair Trends include The Hair Tuck, whereby you tuck your ponytail into a scarf, shirt or coat.


The Mohawk Braid is another biggie.  I am kinda digging this one!


Chanel’s crimped, tweed twined ponytail was the closest do I could find to give me a little kinky-hair-hope.


Hair Trends for Fall 2014 have yet to mention the word KINKY but reversecommuter is on standby.


O.W.O. Skin

Traffic Jam in the ‘burbs!


O.W.O. this week is all about the simplicity of a dress.  One piece = easy peasy outfit!


Leather is big for Spring 2014 AND for Fall 2014.  Balenciaga, Gucci, Yigal Azrouel, Fendi, Akris, Chanel, Jonathan Simkhai  – all the cool kids have skins in their collections!


Translation – buy now, wear now and later!  Amortize that purchase peeps!

How do you say “School Bus Stop Chic” in French?

Paris Fashion Week delivers FASHION with a certain je ne sais quoi!


Lanvin set the bar on Thursday, (Click the blue for more Lanvin Fall 2014), and the fashion shows following have kept it higher than the Eiffel Tower!


Fall 2014

But is it possible to translate these Ready to Wear Collections for Fall 2014 into actual everyday outfits?

Celine Fall 2014

Celine Fall 2014

Simple answer – Mais Oui!

Viktor & Rolf Fall 2014

Viktor & Rolf
Fall 2014

Victor & Rolf’s Fall 2014 Collection is completely influenced by the grey sweater.  You have one of those in the closet right?

Viktor & Rolf Fall 2014

Viktor & Rolf
Fall 2014

Knitwear was probably best represented in Celine’s show.  Skinny knit pants, long sweaters = everyday perfection!  Take that yoga pant industry!!!

Celine Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Note to my husband and Phoebe Phillo – this is going to continue to be a very expensive love affair!  Have you met my new bag obsession?!?!?!?!?

Celine Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Leopard print is PLUS GRANDE for Fall 2014 so start picking up pieces now that you can incorporate into your wardrobes.  Even simple additions like a cuff, scarf or a shirt absolutely count!

Chloe Fall 2014

Fall 2014

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A Bientôt, xo reversecommuter.