Dear Karl…


I am sure you are busy,what with Fashion Week less than 5 weeks away and heading both ChaCha and your own line plus all that incredible photography you do but….


if you could PLEASE bring back the ChaCha clog I would be eternally grateful!


Yes, I should be focused solely on Fall Collections at this point, but these are my all time faves and judging by the photos this is their VERY LAST SEASON.


sob whimper sob,

xo reversecommuter

Plank Walking Shorts

Just another dull day in the burbs…


Or is it perhaps THE perfect day for a pirate fight?


Note the dastardly swashbuckling sword coming at me through the playhouse, er, I mean, the scurvy worthy pirate ship…


Despite the easy movement provided by my J Crew pleated shorts, I succumb to my injuries….


Don’t worry, I am a tough fashion obsessed pirate who will live to see another day, another Fashion Week, another Fall Collection….

J Crew pleated shorts, Burberry linen jacket, Alexander Wang tank, Celine espadrilles.