Summer dresses are a strange length this year. Resembling more of a short coverup or a long t-shirt.  

At first I thought it was just me, but it is an actual thing.  Goop’s  got about half a dozen for sale in their summer shop.  

J Crew’s offering a bunch of short dresses too.  See, it’s a veritable “thing”.

Super short is not a great look for little girls and it most certainly isn’t ideal for their mamas.  

Consider how many times you bend down in a typical day!

Simple solution, a great pair of shorts.  They don’t even have to be seen.  Keep them guessing!

La Dolce Gabbana Vita

I have decided that I want to live inside a Dolce & Gabbana ad for a few days.


In a seaside Italian village.


With an extended family of strictly gorgeous people.


In a continuous rotation of flower laden, richly embroidered, body flattering, lace embellished clothing and bags.


Ideally during the summer months as I think my Dolce & Gabbana ad fantasy would totally stink if it was snowing and I couldn’t feel my toes.


Actually there is so very little difference between reverecommuter’s everyday life and my imaginary Dolce & Gabbana ad life…

Easy Peasy

Weekends were made for jean shorts, SoWa street market and food truck bubble tea (not necessarily in that order!).


Simplicity at it’s best – Rag & Bone shorts, J Crew top (click the blue to go shopping!)


Hope you all had a great weekend & Mother’s Day!

Boston Marathon

It was a beautiful sunny day, with over 27,000 participants.


reversecommuter & her FRB (fabulous running buddy) at the half way mark – just about to run into a phenomenal cheering crowd of friends and family!

3 miles to the finish line the race was cancelled due to a bombing.  Prayers go out to the families who lost a loved one.

Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for all the emails checking on me and my family – it meant the world!