Patterned Pants @ Any Age

Wondering if the patterned jeans are a good look?


There are a lot of rules in fashion, most need to be broken.


The only real rule in fashion is comfort & confidence…and a full length mirror for confirmation!


Now I’m going to go fly paper airplanes and kick some 8 and 3 year old butt….

7 for all Mankind jeans, Chanel flats & sunglasses, Roots vest, DVF white shirt

Linen AFTER Labor Day!

He** Yeah!  Break those old fashioned fashion rules!


Especially if the linen is found in a t-shirt.  It’s my new fave thing


And as an added bonus my husband thinks its huggable soft!


And as another added bonus most of the J Crew linen tees (Long and Short sleevers) are on sale – click here!


J Crew linen tshirt, Mother boyfriend jeans (YUMMMAROOOO) and Celine espadrilles.

Wrinkle in Time

Linen season is officially open (although reversecommuter would argue there are NO rules in fashion…)


I have loved linen since I was a little girl & my grandmother taught me that the phrase to describe this fabulous material is “wrinkle of wealth”  (click here for that post)


Linen allows for ease – it will get wrinkled, it will breathe and flow, and it will still look fantastic!pants3Even when in full blown CRAZY mode doing 56 errands, entertaining & refereeing the children, cooking, driving all over the planet to 12 simultaneous sporting events and attempting to keep it all together!