Pink Sand Pants

Bermuda shorts.

pants2 pnats1 How this trend first evolved for men, with knee socks, in Bermuda is a little bit beyond me.  A place famous for tropical weather and pink sand somehow spits out men dressed as little boys?  File under weirdness.


But a blue satin pair pour moi?  Fabulous.


Or a laser cut black pair to wear under a fantastic perfectly cut blazer with strappy sandals?  Indeed!



And what says Trop-i-Cal more than a floral pair of Bermudas?  Nada.


* just click the pics to go get your retail therapy prescription filled!*


Peter Pilotto has arrived at Target!   Naturally a curious creature like reversecommuter would have to hit Target at 7:30am on a Sunday morning.  Rumor has it that the collection arrived online at 3am, but the only way to purchase was to go through Twitter, as the Target link was down.

Expectations were low, based on previous capsule collections offered by high end designers and Target.  But the hype on this was beyond ignoring!


Even Natalie Massenet was excited about this one.  For the first time ever, is selling the combined collection from Target – will wonders never cease?!?!?! Click here to see for yourself!


The price point was 19.99 thru 79.99, and the quality was so-so, but the prints were Oh So Pretty!    Click here to go get some – quickly as it is selling out!


Maybe it was the launch date of February 9th that can be blamed for the success of this line, all of us suffering from winter blahs, then suddenly taunted by gorgeous bright florals and prints.


The O.W.O (click here for definition) for this week is my 19.99 Peter Pilotto for Target long sleeve floral t-shirt & MOTHER boyfriend jeans – perfect to wear on a sunny winter Sunday!