Oh David!

Fashion Week in NYC is phenom.  It is fantasy at it’s best.  And for the fashion obsessed it is the Mecca – truly!

Where else would Michelangelo’s David be found draped in Missoni?

Running around NYC during Fashion Week ensures plenty of entertainment – day and night!  Obviously there is the world famous shopping to keep you busy….

reversecommuter has super human vision when shopping…

Clearly she has set her sights upon her prey….

There is also the most intense form of people watching available – check out these two I bumped into in the Meat Packing district…(can you tell the gentleman on the left shaved his hair in half?)

Strangely (not) reversecommuter found herself at the DVF flagship store, and was mildly intrigued with the two mannequins and their before and after status…

reversecommuter is convinced they were en route to grace a fab runway

FNO Review – Uptown

First stop, Pastis for a late lunch.  Heavenly.  Always.

Then zooooom Uptown to Bergdorf Goodman!  When at Bergdorf’s during FNO make sure to take time to ogle the gorgeous decorations / be amazed by the 50+ black-blazered security detail outside the doors, all sporting RayBans / and pick up a new pair of shoes on the second floor – natch!

Then it was time to jet downtown to SOHO….

more on that tomorrow…


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FNO SOHO, get ready….it’s a BLOCK PARTY! Woolite Washed & GQ for Nordstrom, just two of the SOHO popups and really well done.  Piperlime existed as a popup the last two years, but this year unveiled it’s permanent shop complete with Rachel Zoe in attendance!  (and no cameras allowed inside, boo).

Boutiques competed for shoppers’ attention offering cupcakes, DJ’s, beefy security detail and ropped off lines.  It was an absolute shopping festival!  Even NYC CityWorks was in the mood, setting up mobil water fountains in the oh-so alluring family sink format (yuck!), right outside Prada (is nothing sacred?!?!?!). Tiffany’s had THE most adorable ice cream cart serving up itty bitty white and tiffany-blue ice cream cones (delish by the by). Isabel Marant offered a prompt 6:15pm opening, complete with fabulous French cheese & honey crostini & champs, hurrah! Why oh why the eternal need for one goofball shot? And le piece de resistance, the Empire State Building’s lights went red for the night, to celebrate FNO!