Storm Residue & Cute Shoes

yard work bores me

Checked out of the hotel yesterday, returned home to survey the damage – clearly I took the job very seriously…

not too bad, thankfully!

Now reversecommuter can focus on more important things…

like shoes ¬†ūüôā

jacket Kill City, t-shirt Club Monaco, jeans J Brand, belt Hermes, shoes Roger Vivier

Red in the Morning Sailor’s Warning

Frankenstorm, pahshaw!

Sunshine is right around the corner.  Give or take a day or two.

In bidding adieu to the tropical storm season why not pop on a nautical striped something to celebrate?

Atleast until the first Nor’Easter spanks us silly and buries all our cars with snow!

Blazer Chanel vintage, boots Fiorintini & Baker, Joe’s Jeans, T-shirt Club Monaco, Sunglasses Tom Ford, bag YSL.


reversecommuter is not much of a camper. ¬†Insert shocked reaction here…HAHAHA!

Hurricane Sandy is scheduled to hit New England today.  Supposed to be a big one that knocks out power for days.

Which is exactly why I checked into a hotel yesterday. ¬†(don’t you love my serious, pre-storm facial expression?!)

Nothing says hurricane like room service! ¬†(that’ll put a smile on my serious face)

Lot’s of questions coming in requesting a great t-shirt line. ¬†One of my favorites is Kristensen Du Nord, from Copenhagen, Denmark. ¬†It is rather difficult line to find, but when you do…load up! ¬†(click here to go to the Kristensen Du Nord website & store listings)

Hope you are all safe & sound & storm free!

Burberry blazer, Balenciaga boots, J Brand jeans, Hermes belt, Kristensen Du Nord t-shirt.

xo reversecommuter