Hats, Dresses, Champs!

Combining fashion with a great cause is always Haute Couture!

PIP1reversecommuter was a busy girl yesterday attending two phenomenal events in Boston, for two incredible causes.

DC1 PIP aka Party in the Park, is an annual fundraising luncheon for the Emerald Conservancy.


PIP attendees wear a hat (yay!!) and support the beautiful parks of Boston, created by Frederick Law Olmstead (the same landscape architect who was responsible for Central Park in NYC).


The evening brought another event, Dress with a Cause.  A fashion show and fundraiser for St. Jude Hospital.



In it’s fifth year, this event brings out an intimate, generous auction competitive crowd that raised an impressive amount of money that goes directly to one of the most important cancer research hospitals for children.


Fashions were provided by Sara Campbell and Kenzie Kids, and the show was filled with adorable designs, uber cute models and fun floaty big balloons!



Pink Shots

October is the month to raise money for Breast Cancer research.


It is also a fantastic excuse to pull out all the hot pink in your closet…


Or slap some on your nails…


Variety is the spice of life and this month there is an abundance of events for the Pink cause.


reversecommuter was fortunate enough to attend the Breast Cancer Research Foundation luncheon, a sea of pink and Estee Lauder’s closest friends celebrating the organization she founded and the woman herself.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation is an amazing organization that delivers .91 of every dollar directly to research – that is an impressive number!


reversecommuter was also lucky enough to hit the Tryst Studio breast cancer event where guests were treated to THE BEST eyebrow shaping while donating to BCRF.


reversecommuter first met the Tryst girls while filming SSStv and the love was immediate!


As a result of the dedication towards this fundraising event the love has been upped!



Tryst Studio is not only THE spot for brow maintenance, the owner is also developing a make up line – guaranteed good things to come from this gorgeous little spa!

Thirsty isn’t Stylish

What is fashionable about 1 in 9 people on this planet not having access to clean water?  Nothing.  What is stylish about carrying a 40 lb jerry can for over an hour to get clean water?  Absolutely nothing – trust me, those jerry cans are REALLY HEAVY!!!!!

runway jerryback

This man is stylish.  Philanthropy is in always in fashion.  Scott Harrison, founder of charity:water which has raised over $100 MILLION in just seven years.  Fashionable is renting an old plane, getting tech GAZILLIONAIRES such as Melody McCloskey of StyleSeat, Ed Turner of Facebook,  Divyank Turakhia of media.net and Oliver Ripley of Black Ocean and getting them to pay to go to the unpaved mountain villages in Ethiopia to build wells.  Click the blue to read about this trip.


Fashionable is W Hotels hosting “Walk with Purpose” charity:water’s waterwalk – a runway of sorts where participants carry jerry cans (HEAVY jerry cans) down a runway to raise money for clean water.


W Boston hosted “Walk with Purpose” last night – what a PHENOM event!  The crowd was in full party mode with outfits ranging from bright sunny yellow dresses to suits to floral shorts to short sleeve plaids and even leather leggings.  Clearly Boston is not prepared to let go of summer quite yet!


This event was truly an eye opener to how heavy water is and how fashionable clean water is. The facial expression below is not an exaggeration!