Take Cover

Summer is finally here!  Insert “Whoop Whoops” here.

School is out for the bambinis, full time playtime has arrived.  #dogdaysofsummer

This is the perfect time to buy sun protective gear.

SPF a plenty… Skinhealth makes it so easy to stay healthy while still enjoying the sun!


Perhaps a rash guard or two… Cabana Life has been a fave for years (both for children and adults).

Maybe a fun sun skirt (with a secret built in compression band) that works as a great poolside lounging accessory!

SwimRISE has recently launched this clever creation, and even has a Fourth of July version, complete with stars and stripes  The brand, created by a mother daughter entrepreneurial duo in Florida, is sure to update pool & beachside elegance!

Finally to top it all off, a big ol’ floppy hat to combat the sun wrinkles!  Eugenia Kim is the queen of sun hats.  Also check out Regine Chevallier, her line of hats begs for an accompanying yacht!

Now go, splash, laugh, swim, play, giggle, repeat!

Après Beach

Taking a break from the sand and surf?  Need a great cover up idea?


Linen, from 100% Capri.


“The wrinkle of wealth” was what my grandmother called linen, and Anthony Aiello is the man responsible for the most luxurious wrinkles around.


100% Capri was founded in 2000, on the small Italian island of Capri (clever name huh?).   Handmade pieces light as breath and simplistic perfection in design.


The Bal Harbor Shops boutique is stylistically representative of a romantic beach escape, you can almost hear the ocean!


Light enough to give your skin a break from the rays yet stylish enough to carry you right thru happy hour!

Hats, Dresses, Champs!

Combining fashion with a great cause is always Haute Couture!

PIP1reversecommuter was a busy girl yesterday attending two phenomenal events in Boston, for two incredible causes.

DC1 PIP aka Party in the Park, is an annual fundraising luncheon for the Emerald Conservancy.


PIP attendees wear a hat (yay!!) and support the beautiful parks of Boston, created by Frederick Law Olmstead (the same landscape architect who was responsible for Central Park in NYC).


The evening brought another event, Dress with a Cause.  A fashion show and fundraiser for St. Jude Hospital.



In it’s fifth year, this event brings out an intimate, generous auction competitive crowd that raised an impressive amount of money that goes directly to one of the most important cancer research hospitals for children.


Fashions were provided by Sara Campbell and Kenzie Kids, and the show was filled with adorable designs, uber cute models and fun floaty big balloons!



Self-Inflicted Hat Head

Guess who was influenced by her own blog?


reversecommuter is rocking a serious case of hat head but it’s worth it.


Adding a hat is a quick means of reinventing the daily winter look of boots, coat, gloves.


Please note the accidental matchy matchy effect with the wreath’s ribbon is a total fluke!

Click here to take a look at Burberry’s 2013 hat selection.


It is the first official snow storm of the year – and it is a bit of a dud!


However, it is the perfect excuse to search for the perfect hat (any excuse will do really!).


How about a little knit Gucci Gucci Goo?  Adorableness!  Click the blue to get your Gucci on.


Canada Goose’s Aviator hat is still my fave – stylish, furry, cute and warm.  Would it be wrong to get a hot pink one too?  Click here to get yours!


Gorsuch offers a cute pompom number that would fit nicely in a stocking (ahem, Santa, are you listening?).  Click here to choose your color.

How much does reversecommuter love the arrival of the Gorsuch catalogue anyway?  Answer – ADORE!


J Crew has a chunky cashcash number in a rainbow of colors at a price point that begs for the “one for me, one for them” Christmas present shopping theme!  Click here to exercise your choice!

Hat Attack

If there is one thing this past weekend’s heat wave taught me, it is the bigger the better when talking hats!


Amazing how cool a big floppy hat can keep you.  My current personal fave is found at Shan. Click here to go BA-NA-NAS over Shan (purrrrrrrrrrr).  Happily reversecommuter is about to hit that Toronto boutique in an impressive manner!


But J Crew always offers a good selection at a reasonable price.  This gorgeous striped straw hat is $ 39.50, click the blue and shop away!  


Eugenia Kim is the goddess of hats (as has been mentioned before – click the blue) and her AMAZING flamingo hat, The Thalia, is on sale right now at net-a-porter.com (click to make it yours!).









THALIA 1-308x360-1

The other really fab thing about a big ol’ floppy hat is that it is an UBER EASY way to make an outfit!

Hat Attack!

Quickest way to dress up & feel fancy?


Add a hat.


Or a fascinator.


Choose a color or go black.


If you are really lucky, it will be a Galvinized Hat (click here and be ready to be wowed by the absolute artistry of Marie Galvin).  Here she is hard at work, creating in her workshop.


She is the artist behind all four of the fascinators worn in this picture.


Boston’s Emerald Necklace (11,000 acres of parkland throughout Boston) holds a fabulous luncheon in the Spring, and the ladies get dressed up complete with a fabulous hat.  It was held yesterday, and reversecommuter was honored to be a part of the 10th Anniversary Party in the Park.   Click here to read more about this important charity focused on keeping the city of Boston green and beautiful!

Oh “Shan-a-da”

As has been duly noted, I love love love Shan.  So naturally I HAD to stop in to the Toronto boutique and pick up a few things!

The Canadian swimwear designer has just been named Parisian Designer of the Year!  Very exciting and prestigious award, and very well deserved!

I got a new black bikini (essential basic with a fun metal tie detail on the bottoms) and am SERIOUSLY considering going back today (in the rain) to pick up one of these FAB-U-LOUS floppy hats, ($145.00 CDN).


Caps For Sale – Monkeys Not Included!

This posting comes via special request!

Summer is coming, and as intoxicating as a good tan glow is, it is horrible for our skin!  😦

To combat UV rays in a fashionable manner, add a fabulous chapeau!

Here are a few ideas:

J. Crew delivers this dandy at a mere $ 38.00, so when it gets smushed in your beach bag, there are no tears.

Jessica Simpson Collection (for real) offers the uber floppy for a lovely $ 38.00, just in time for the Triple Crown!

Eugenia Kim, oh how I heart your hats Eugenia, offers an awesome fedora for $295.00 at Net-a-Porter.  Better to keep this one out of smushy places!

My personal summer standby, cowboy raffia.  It goes perfectly with sun dresses, cut-offs and bikinis!