Not So Underground Velvet

Tis the season to run around from 5:30am through till midnight – OY!


What to wear to take you from School Party to  Girls’ Luncheon, to Afterschool Celebration to Christmas Pageant to Drinks & Dinner with friends?   (besides coverup under the tired eyes?!)


In a word – VELVET.  It’s big this year, everyone from Banana Republic to Victoria Beckham Denim is offering it!  Click the blue to go shopping!  I have a friend that even bought two pairs (one dress pant and one jeans version…wonder if she kept them both?!).

V4Throw a scarf on & interchange flats, boots & heels to help carry the outfit through the busy day & night!



Velvet pants Prada, shearling Miu Miu.


Party Party!

‘Tis the season – to go out almost every single night!

monochromatic festive purple

monochromatic festive purple

What is a girl to do? Obviously a little shopping but also a little planning goes a long way!

blurry mirror shot

blurry mirror shot

Pick a color and invest a few pieces in it. Clearly I went for the purple fuchsia.  Take this same dress, different jewelry, add a pair of patent boots, bare legs et voila – new outfit.  Alternatively, take the booties add white blouse, leather jacket and black slim leg dress pants et voila – new outfit.  Invest in a make-up sequence that compliments the color of the outfit and own it all festive season long!

Apologies on the blurry mirror photo – none of my IMMENSELY talented 8 year old photographers were available.

DVF dress, Balenciaga booties, Prada clutch.

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Friday always feels SO good!

Remember the post about Hudson’s Bay Co. offering an IPO? (click the blue to revisit). Well, it launched on Monday up in Toronto and sold over 21.5 Million shares at $16.80. KA-CHING!!!!!!!!!!

reversecommuter wants a striped Hudson’s Bay blanket cardigan REALLY REALLY badly! Click the blue to get your own!

Neiman Marcus announced their profits are up 2.5% in Q1. That number will surely shoot up after December 1st – that is when the 50 LEGENDARY gifts created by 24 of the hottest designers launch at Target.

This is the inaugural combined collection shared between Neiman Marcus and Target. Some of the pieces are TRES ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (click the blue & see that it’s true!)

Happy Happy Weekend – it is officially the Holiday Season so drink champs & dress up!

xo reversecommuter