Dumb Down the Price

Celine’s Fall 2014 Collection had a long knit turtleneck that made reversecommuter crumble, drool and stutter.  It was ❤️at first sight…right up to the $2000 price tag.  

I justified that it was too limiting a piece for that type of investment.  Point on revelation but I still really, really loved it.  

Fast forward to now.  In the ‘burbs, armed with a rake.

Wearing a $30 turtleneck from Zara.  


Yeah, that’s pretty much how it feels!

Hermes & Cake!


Housework mediocrity meet French fashion superiority.  Bonjour!

Hermes Folklore d'Henri d'Origny

Folklore d’Henri d’Origny

Marie Antoinette said “Let Them Eat Cake!” IMG_0871 In the same vein I say “Let reversecommuter Wear Hermes!”… IMG_0868 in my hair… IMG_0867 if I have to do hours upon hours upon hours of Fun Laundry! IMG_0866

Yes, that is what I call it…it’s is a sad attempt at reverse psychology for reversecommuter!