Fashion & Finance Friday!

End of the week is THE best reason for bubbles in a flute!

Christie Brinkley is launching her own skin care line.


Christie is 60 years old, looks atleast 25 years younger and is an established successful business woman with not only modeling and Cover Girl on her resume but also perfume and costume jewelry.  Her skin line, Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare will launch on HSN (brilliant move uber successful super model) and be distributed through Kohl’s in March 2015.


Tomas Maier and Diptyque have launched a collection of candles inspired by Palm Beach.


Gorgeous scents and pretty pretty palm trees combine on the black glass containers offering three scents, Old Mantauk Highway, Palm Beach and West District Road.  Salt water, firs, wild iris, jasmine, lemon and lime are just some of the inspirations richly entwined in these candles.  Happy to report reversecommuter has bought two of the three…need to leave something for Santa to put in my stocking!

Art Basel is December 4-7 in Miami.  Fendi is already planning their pop-up shop,


Harper’s Bazaar is hosting a pop-up at the Soho Beach House (yummmaroooooo location!)


and Del Toro, Chrome Hearts and Rick Owens have all contributed designs for Alchemist’s AIRBALL collaboration.


Can you feel the artsy fartsy fabulousness?!!?!?

Test drive your Art Basel outfits this weekend, hit a gallery and sip some more bubbles – it is the weekend after all!

xo reversecommuter


Ranjan Khan.  Her name is majestic and her creations even more so.

photo courtesy of W Magazine

reversecommuter was lucky enough to play dress up at Henri Bendel in NYC with all things glittery, chunky, delicious and luxurious created by Ranjana Khan.

Can you tell I like it?  OHEMGEEEEEE!!!


Ridiculous to expect reversecommuter to choose!Willing to post a goofy pic of me in order to profile The Wall of Deliciousness: the blues, the turquoises, the glass, the beads, the rings (OH THE RINGS!!!!) and the bangles.  TOO MUCH and NOT ENOUGH all at once!

Ranjana Khan is loved by Lanvin.  Alber Elbaz truly loves this woman, her embroidery skills and her jewelry collections.

Alexander McQueen, also loving Ranjana Khan.

Ditto for Jean Paul Gaultier.

Accessible enough for everyone with RK Collection on HSN.


Shorter answer seems to be who isn’t in love with Ranjana Khan?


Fashion & Finance Friday!

Don’t you just love a short week?

Iman Cosmetics (you knew I would have to mention her again didn’t you?), started in 1994, but according to Iman (how fun a sentence is that to say?!), she formed the company after her first modeling job, for Vogue, as a result of a make-up artist asking her if she had brought her own foundation.  Iman decided right then that she was going to build a cosmetics company for women who had darker pigmentation in their skin.  2010 Iman Cosmetics earned $25 million business, and her foundation is #1 in the cosmetics industry.  Fierce fabulous woman (who incidentally refers to herself as an “old bitch” – Love it!!!).

HSN (the Home Shopping Network) asked Iman to develop a clothing line, Global Chic, and it is now one of their top brands.  Iman operates all of these endeavors under Impala Incorporated, a private company in which she is 55% shareholder and CEO.

Her next venture, Destination Iman, (click blue to read this month’s edition) is an interactive blog which will exist as a digital magazine (they are already working on January’s edition), and “every single page will be different every month”, according to Iman, who has added editor to her impressive list of job titles.

reversecommuter has  a celebrity crush – Iman is beautiful, gracious, supportive, inspirational, driven and offers guidance towards other women entrepreneurs.  

Target will launch it’s second selection of The Shops at Target on Sunday September 9th, at midnight.  Set your clocks so that you don’t miss out on PHENOMENAL products from PHENOMENAL designers.  Kirna Zabete, PatchNYC, Odin, and The Curiosity Shoppe will represent the fall installment, and the product selection is beyond ridiculous!

reversecommuter was fortunate enough to be invited to the launch party in NYC’s meat packing district on September 5th.  The crowd was beyond fashionable, the party atmosphere unmistakeable and the mock-up Stores at Target looked amazing!  The large black mesh bags (a little goodie at the door for guests) were filled up quickly, as the merchandise was begging to be bought.

It is no secret the obsessive love reversecommuter feels for Kirna Zabete (click here for other postings professing the love), and the fact that owners Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini have created a Target line of fashion nearly beyond description ($43.99 jumpsuit – what!?!!??) has only increased the twangs!

reversecommuter has SO much more to tell about this magical meeting with these two fashion commanders, but that will have to wait for another post!

Don Carney and John Ross, founders of PATCH NYC, will also be generous enough to share their gorgeous talent with Target shoppers starting September 9th.  The offerings are bananas good and the Patch NYC shop was an extremely busy spot Wednesday night.

reversecommuter has a lot more to say about PATCH NYC and the gentlemanly duo that have created this incredible boutique, but alas that will have to wait too!

Have a STUPENDOUS weekend!

XO reversecommuter

Fashion & Finance Friday!


H&M is going Big in the Big Apple.  Really Really BIG!  The Swedish retailer has announced plans for a new flagship, their biggest store in the world.  It will be a 57,000 square foot store!  5th and 48th will be transformed into H&M corner, the store will offer 6 floors of merchandise – that is a lot of shopping potential!  And this H&M will sell their home collection as well as clothing, (click the blue to peruse).

DVF has brought in a big gun!  Joel Horowitz (former Tommy Hilfiger business partner and CEO) as co-chairman of Diane von Furstenberg.  Industry insiders suspect that the reasoning behind this addition is that an IPO (Initial Public Offering) is in the future.  What this means is that DVF may become a publicly traded company – reversecommuter wonders if the ticker DVF is available?

Speaking of Diane von Furstenberg, her husband, UBER BUSINESS MOGUL Barry Diller’s former company, HSN (Home Shopping Network) is celebrating it’s 35th birthday.  HSN rakes in over $3 BILLION annually in sales – that is a lot of tv watching!!!

reversecommuter had the pleasure of working with HSN a few years ago and it is the most incredible operation.  Located in St. Petersburg, FLA, the compound resembles a Hollywood movie set and is unlike anything else.  Everyone gets around on go carts, there is product storage warehouses the size of condo buildings, and the level of professionalism was truly inspirational!


Have a SENSATIONAL weekend!

XO reversecommuter