Fashion & Finance Friday!


Pitbull has launched an exclusive fragrance collection for both men and women.  Coco Chanel’s parfumiers should be shaking in their tweed adorn boots…not.


Tom Ford hosted the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund dinner on Monday in New York, where Public School won this year’s top honor.  His speech was full of sound bites of advice, interestingly focusing in on the intense pace expected of designers, which was something another design team in the audience, Proenza Schouler, spoke of when reversecommuter attended an event at Boston’s ICA (click here for more).  With the Fall & Spring Collections now preceeded with PRE-Spring & Fall, plus Resort, the CHURN of fashion creativity offers a potential BURN that designers are well aware of.


Tom also told a fun story about walking on a nudist beach in St. Barth’s and running into Anna Wintour (she fully dressed, he sans).  Tom leaned in for a very fashion-world-acceptable-kiss-kiss-hello, then realized he was buck naked!  Quite possibly my new favorite fashion story!  Not to mention the visual!!!


Brunello Cucinelli, the undisputable king of CashCash, just released some gorgeous numbers – profits are up 10% this year.  This small luxury goods company, operating in an Umbrian hamlet named Solomeo that he single handedly restored – if you are ever near Solomeo, PLEASE take the time to experience it – magical!


He has 720 employees, paid above the national rate, offers them 3.50 Euro subsidized gourmet meals with wine (obviously in Italia!) for their 90 minute lunches and during the recession did not lay off anyone.  In short, this company’s leader cares about his employees and his professional reputation.  Hand crafted luxury cashmere products created in Italy, and now that Brunello Cuccinelli is a publicly traded company, his decisions are having an impressive impact for his investors too – even in this economy when most luxury brands are suffering from price conscious customers.

Have a wondrous weekend – put on that cashcash sweater, and become transfixed watching the bubbles in the flute!

xo reversecommuter

Instagram, Jason Wu and Attitude

I know I know, it’s is supposed to be Fashion & Finance Friday on

But stop the presses (or whatever the social media equivalent may be) because last night I met Jason Wu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


reversecommuter: “the daily focus of my blog is to get one woman out of yoga pants and into clothes like yours”

Jason Wu (!!!): “that is a really cool purpose for a fashion blog”

YES HE DID SAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC_0111 DSC_0115

Louis Boston (quite possibly the best store other than Bergdorf’s) hosted Jason Wu for a q&a @ The ICA (click here for ICA 411) and then a private champs mingle at Louis Boston, (click the blue for reversecommuter’s love for all things Louis)

DSC_0125 DSC_0126

SO many fabulous quotes…..

“Drawing is how I speak … I carry around a pile of moleskins with me.”

“A Jason Wu woman is a super glam glamazon & super feminine.”


“A Jason Wu woman is a little bitchy – doesn’t want to talk to anyone, even me” – Jason was telling a story of the first time he saw someone on the streets of NYC wearing his clothing.  He thought to himself, “that is look #9” and he stopped this cute Asian woman and said “you look so beautiful” and she was weirded out and said a snotty “thanks” and kept walking.


“I have always been a fashion nerd.”

“Social media is sort of fun, it allows people to see how the magic of fashion comes to fruition”  /  Instagram is a photographic journey and Block User is the best button.”


SO OBSESSED with this coat from Jason Wu’s Fall 2013 Collection…OBSESSED!

Jason Wu loves cooking and eating food, and would love to open a restaurant one day.  He said that “the waitresses would be total bi*ches and the food would be VERY delicious.”


Jason Wu Fall 2013 Collection is all about leather, purple, epaulets, green and winter whites.

“The fantasy aspect in fashion – you have to have it or else fashion is boring.”


Jason Wu is quite possibly the poster boy for posssessing modesty while on a meteoric rise!  Wonderful gentleman with modesty, crazy good sense of humor,a perfect amount of humbleness and an appropriate appreciation for self worth – brilliant blend!


The champs & mingle at Louis Boston was so intimate and lovely! Louis Boston and the visionary of all things fashion, Debi Greenberg, really and truly aligned the stars last night.

Jason was approachable and charming.  He was so inspirational in his talk and clearly loves life.  “Luck is nothing if you don’t go for it.”  Word Jason Wu, word.

Happy Weekend!

xo reversecommuter

Bad Behavior

Nothing to see here Mr Art Gallery Security Guard…

Took the bambinos to the ICA for a little cultural infusion, (The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston – click the blue to go to the ICA website).

Nice View!

Never miss an opportunity to be the cheese…

This marble bench, an installation at the ICA, says it all.

Miu Miu skirt, Dolce & Gabbana sweater, James Perse long sleeve t-shirt, Spanx tights, Proenza Schouler boots, YSL bag, Roots leather vest.

OsGemeos Fashion Osmosis

Os Gemeos (Portugese for twins) is a Brazilian graffiti artist duo (made up of identical twin brothers of course), with uber cool talent.  (click the blue to go their website to see more of their work).


There was an exhibit at The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) last week, inviting five fashion boutiques in Boston to infuse Os Gemeos’ style into fashion.


Louis Boston (j’adore!!), Serenella, Turtle, Riccardi and Uniform were the selected boutiques. Salon Mario Russo was also invited to create wigs and hairstyles that incorporated Os Gemeos’ art.
The hair was phenom!

(click the blue to go to each retailers’ website)


reversecommuter & a model (her hair was a crazy color combination but the yellow is an Os Gemeos trademark as it reflects a yellow the twins both dream of – these brothers are too coo!).

After the exhibit it was time to hit Sam’s (reversecommuter’s fave patio in the city) for champs and oysters. Stellar evening!

jacket Barbara Bui, Dress Alexander Wang, boots Balenciaga, bag YSL