Bowie, Unicorns and Yigal

Yigal Azrouel is the perfect man.  He is handsome, charming, talented, single and he surfs.    He was in the Israeli military and recommends sit ups, push ups and running as the best workout.  Surfing is his passion, and it allows him to decompress after presenting his collections.

Some may call him a unicorn in the fashion world.

This weekend Yigal is previewing his Fall 2016 Collection at the Greta Luxe boutique in Wellesley and mixing with the housewives.

Thursday night he was mingling and adding his gorgeous personal touch to every advance purchase of a line that is oozing with decadence.  To say there was a line up would be an understatement.  The intimacy was electric.

reversecomuter’s first obsession in the collection is the full length black jersey off the shoulder dress, complete with requisite sexy side slit.

This dress is quite possibly one of the sexiest pieces I have ever put on.  Yet it literally felt as comfortable as when wearing pajamas – I could have worn it forever!

A full length lace off the shoulder dress with burgundy and greens wafting throughout in a romantic weave quickly caught my attention.  Holiday season 2016 the bar has been raised!

Cut-out sweaters in dreamy cream and textured, offering the promise of a fabulous winter outing après anything!

Chunky sweaters reminiscent of Rihanna’s favorite (and reversecommuter’s) from 2014 were offered in an updated cut and color.

  Blood red, grey and white with a subtle reference to classic glen check?  IN BASKET!

Yigal Azrouel’s Fall 2016 Collection’s main inspiration was the Black Rose.  Subtle, rich, hidden yet still representative of love.  The clothes continue to deliver his love of decadence, texture and drama.  The leathers and furs sourced from Italy and France are quite possibly the best offered by an American designer, collection after collection.

The motif of the black rose is found throughout the collection, in the lace pieces and the furs.

When asked which piece he would most love to see a suburban mom pick up, he immediately chose the “Bowie” mink jacket with the black roses, at a cool $9950.

 He has dressed supermodel Iman and had the pleasure of meeting David Bowie.  The jacket is a luxurious and appropriately rock & roll nod to the legend.

Rushing out of Greta Luxe to hit the baseball and soccer fields (as is the role of suburban mama), I giggled in the rain as I ran in Yigal Azrouel top and my stilettos, reliving how I had just played dress up with a handsome fashion designer unicorn!

Iman, reversecommuter and Shoes!

Last time I hung out with Iman (how fun is that as a sentence?!?!  click here to revisit), she made a point of apologizing for her choice of shoes.  “It is always about the shoes…except today, for medical reasons.”


Well said Iman…(insert sympathy shot here)….


Suddenly I find myself in the land of forbidden heels, as in reversecommuter is forbidden to wear heels.  I KNOW!  IT’S DOWN RIGHT CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (it’s just a running injury but it does affect shoe selection)


Pretty decent reason to pull out the over the knee boots.  Lemons, lemonade, yaddah yaddah!


J Brand jeans, Fiorini + Baker boots, Boy London flannel houndstooth shirt (warm option instead of a sweater).

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Don’t you just love a short week?

Iman Cosmetics (you knew I would have to mention her again didn’t you?), started in 1994, but according to Iman (how fun a sentence is that to say?!), she formed the company after her first modeling job, for Vogue, as a result of a make-up artist asking her if she had brought her own foundation.  Iman decided right then that she was going to build a cosmetics company for women who had darker pigmentation in their skin.  2010 Iman Cosmetics earned $25 million business, and her foundation is #1 in the cosmetics industry.  Fierce fabulous woman (who incidentally refers to herself as an “old bitch” – Love it!!!).

HSN (the Home Shopping Network) asked Iman to develop a clothing line, Global Chic, and it is now one of their top brands.  Iman operates all of these endeavors under Impala Incorporated, a private company in which she is 55% shareholder and CEO.

Her next venture, Destination Iman, (click blue to read this month’s edition) is an interactive blog which will exist as a digital magazine (they are already working on January’s edition), and “every single page will be different every month”, according to Iman, who has added editor to her impressive list of job titles.

reversecommuter has  a celebrity crush – Iman is beautiful, gracious, supportive, inspirational, driven and offers guidance towards other women entrepreneurs.  

Target will launch it’s second selection of The Shops at Target on Sunday September 9th, at midnight.  Set your clocks so that you don’t miss out on PHENOMENAL products from PHENOMENAL designers.  Kirna Zabete, PatchNYC, Odin, and The Curiosity Shoppe will represent the fall installment, and the product selection is beyond ridiculous!

reversecommuter was fortunate enough to be invited to the launch party in NYC’s meat packing district on September 5th.  The crowd was beyond fashionable, the party atmosphere unmistakeable and the mock-up Stores at Target looked amazing!  The large black mesh bags (a little goodie at the door for guests) were filled up quickly, as the merchandise was begging to be bought.

It is no secret the obsessive love reversecommuter feels for Kirna Zabete (click here for other postings professing the love), and the fact that owners Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini have created a Target line of fashion nearly beyond description ($43.99 jumpsuit – what!?!!??) has only increased the twangs!

reversecommuter has SO much more to tell about this magical meeting with these two fashion commanders, but that will have to wait for another post!

Don Carney and John Ross, founders of PATCH NYC, will also be generous enough to share their gorgeous talent with Target shoppers starting September 9th.  The offerings are bananas good and the Patch NYC shop was an extremely busy spot Wednesday night.

reversecommuter has a lot more to say about PATCH NYC and the gentlemanly duo that have created this incredible boutique, but alas that will have to wait too!

Have a STUPENDOUS weekend!

XO reversecommuter

“Call Me A Model…”

reversecommuter is in NYC and you will never guess who I met…

Iman. Supermodel, CEO & 55% shareholder of Iman Cosmetics, wife of David Bowie, and now launching an interactive lifestyle blog Destination Iman.
So much more to come on this in a later post.
Best quote of today was by Iman, “Call me a model but I can only read one book at a time.”
Imani’s fabulous fuchsia pantsuit is by Rachel Zoe.
lifestyle blog Destination Iman